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Kuri: an adorable home robot

Kuri is an interesting home robot designed by Mayfield Robotics, a Bosch-owned startup. It is not just functional, but like a virtual member of your family. It responds to voice input and responds with light, robot noises and blinking motions. It can capture moments of life automatically, play music and podcasts wherever you are in the house and have fun with your kids. It learns fast of your home’s floor plan and know which room belongs to whom. It can wake you up in time for work and greet you when you come home. It will patrol the halls and record moments when hearing sounds, like your housekeeper that make your home secure and let you check on your pets when you are away.

Do you feel like you need a robot acts like Kuri? Do you think having a robot at home is useful or annoying?

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3 Responses to Kuri: an adorable home robot

  • I think Kuri is very similar as a pet in your house but without taking care of, but it still is a robot with no emotions. I think in nowadays, the major function of this robot is house management. Meanwhile, I have a negative attitude in this robot. first there are many substitutes in market. Second, majority of apartments and houses are traditional. Meanwhile, it will cost a lot if you wanna to upgrade your apartment or house to catch up the technology. I think this products is more fit to people who have a very high family income.

  • I think that having a robot at home is a very personal choice, for some people they enjoy doing certain tasks themselves i.e. play songs of their choosing but for others they are fine with listening to whatever comes on the radio. Similarly I think that even though it may not be attractive to everyone a home robot would attract a certain audience.I personally find no use in having a robot for the home but in the future, depending on its development I would consider it.

  • I personally do not feel that I need a robot at home. I can do most of those things on my own. Sometimes I may not want a situation that is going on in my home to be recorded. How does it know what should be recorded and what should not be recorded? For example, can the robot tell the difference between a heated argument and an argument arisen from like someone cheating during a board game? The robot cannot cook for me so its no point in having it. If I needed something to make my home secured while I was not there I would just get an alarm system.

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