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Facial Recognition Sunglasses to Track Citizens

Beijing police are testing out a new security tool, facial recognition glasses, that can identify facial features and car registration plates within milliseconds and match them in real-time with a database of suspects.These AI-powered glasses were built by LLVision Technology Company. They scan the faces of people in the vehicle and the license plates, catching suspects and people traveling under false identities then flagging a red box and a warning sign to the police when a match is found in the “blacklist”. It’s powered by a system called Skynet which is a national database of blacklisted people and is controlled by a connected mobile unit. These sunglasses have been tested and used as extra security for the annual meeting of China’s parliament to extend Xi Jinping’s presidency. The Chinese government has a list of people who are not to be at the meeting and could face additional enforcement actions if they are in attendance. This blacklist includes criminals, journalists, lawyers, political dissidents and more.

The glasses have only been previously tested in Zhengzhou train stations and police are said to have caught seven suspects and 26 travelers using false identities in one day. China leaders are pushing to leverage technology in order to boost security in the country. Surveillance and facial recognition technology are currently on the rise in China with there being 170 million surveillance cameras. The government is looking to triple that number in the next 2 years, eventually being able to identify a person within 3 seconds. Many people are worried about the infringement of privacy and human rights with the high number of surveillance cameras and new facial recognition technologies.

Wu Fei, CEO of LLVision, says people should not be worried about privacy concerns because China authorities use the AI-powered equipment for “noble causes”. What do you think, are citizens privacy being invaded? To what extent do you believe that the facial recognition glasses are producing accurate data? Do you think this is something the US could potentially invest in?

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  • This is an incredibly interesting way to leverage facial recognition technology and AI. While the proposed use of this new technology can certainly be claimed as a noble cause, the misuse of it can be far worse. I am all for greater security and the dedication to ensuring safety for all citizens, but the extensive surveillance being utilized in China is Big Brother-esque. This almost seems like something out of a Black Mirror episode and I can undoubtedly see a technology like this descend into terrible misuse. I certainly hope the United States doesn’t begin using tech like this.

  • Hi Ajah,
    Awesome post as always! Big Brother is watching, literally. I think that privacy issues are a huge concern with this technology. What if the wrong person is caught, investigated, and charge based on facial recognition? How expensive is this technology? Do tax payers want to have their money used on technology that will spy on them? What does the article mean when they use the phrase “noble causes”? I definitely do not think that the US should invest in this technology until the potential repercussions have been investigated thoroughly.

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