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Are “smart hotels” a danger to privacy?

Imagine a hotel room that caters to your every demand just by simply asking. Marriott Hotels is creating smart hotel rooms that offer a wide variety of “smart” capabilities to enhance the experience of staying at one of their locations. The rooms respond to verbal commands and can perform functions such as open the drapes, turn on/off the lights, display personal chosen photos on the walls, and offer restaurant suggestions depending on your preference and mood. These rooms collect and store data to be analyzed and used to improve these smart rooms in the future. Allowing the rooms to utilize your personal data raises severe security concerns. While these rooms sound like a positive experience, they invade your personal privacy, such as knowing your exact current location through a connected smartphone. While Marriott states they have security measures in place to prevent the leak of customer information, the question arises, are these conveniences worth the risk?


3 Responses to Are “smart hotels” a danger to privacy?

  • Nick, this is a very interesting concept and I appreciate you sharing it with the class. In 2018, there is a “smart” device for nearly everything you can think of but I never would’ve pictured staying in a “smart” hotel room. While I believe this can improve customer experiences and provide a personalized hotel stay, I don’t think I would ever want to stay in one of those rooms. From a strictly security perspective, I think it would be very intruding if a hotel was tracking your location through your smartphone and was offering restaurant suggestions based on your mood. Obviously many companies use our personal data and leverage it for their business, but this is just too much in my opinion. That being said, I am curious to see if more hotel chains start exploring “smart” hotel rooms and if consumers would be willing to stay in them.

  • I find this quite a scary concept, knowing that a hotel would collect all this data on me while I was staying there. I personally would find this very intrusive and would not want to stay in such a place. Security measures is something all companies promise to take but even the biggest companies, i.e. the facebook data scandal, can have problems with hacks and loss of data. Theres no guarantee that the data will be completely protected and with the large amount of data being collected in these smart rooms I do not think the risk is worth it.

  • I agree with the comments above that this “smart” hotel idea is very scary. I would love to close the curtains and turn the lights on and off without getting out of the bed but everything else sounds like a bad idea. The fact that a person only needs to be 15ft away to hack into your phone and obtain your room key is very scary. You could wake up and find someone standing right over top of you or find someone in your room stealing. The other thing is that if you can save the drawing from the shower can it also take pictures of you? That really raises a privacy issue. Its too much personal information being used in this room and none of it really seems relevant enough for the hotel to use in the future. I would not take the risk of putting my personal information in the hands of a hotel just for the room to make suggestions and post MY photos on the wall.

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