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A microwave that can freeze food and drinks?

The microwave was a revolutionary creation that allowed people to heat up their food quickly. Now, there is an invention that reverses this process and is called Frigondas. It is able to freeze food and drinks in minutes along with the capabilities of a traditional microwave. The microwave is designed to be easy and simple for everyone to use so that it “compliments” the kitchen. The article does not give much on how this product incorporates IoT, but I felt that it is a worthy innovation that can one day revolutionize households the same way traditional microwaves already have. According to the article, this product should be hitting the US market very soon. How do you guys feel about this? Do you find this fascinating? Why, why not? Is an invention like this something you see yourself using in the future?


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  • This is a pretty fascinating invention! I’d love to use this in the summer, and have the convenience of making dozens of popsicles in minutes. (yes, I’m a child). It seems like this is perfect for meat as well! I’m pretty bad at leaving meat out after I cook it and don’t eat all of it. If I was able to freeze it immediately, I wouldn’t have to worry about bacteria growing at room temperature before I put it in the freezer. The fact that it doubles as a microwave is pretty cool as well! That’s definitely the icing on the cake. Do you know if you have to adjust your freezer to cool at the same temperature that the Frigondas does, to prevent food from thawing once you throw it in the freezer?

  • I agree that Frigondas should be hitting the US market very soon. It makes us much more convenient to freeze water, drinks and food. You don’t need to wait for a while with the risk of forgetting it, but get it immediately into use. I really like this invention and I think it will be a necessary kitchen fitting for every family. Even when you feel the food is too hot to eat immediately, you can use Frigondas to cool it down immediately. Finally, I start to think, with so many amazing efficient and convenient tech, how smart my life will be! And how time-saving will be like in a day!

  • I think Frigondas has a lot of potential to be a common kitchen appliance in the future. I personally would have one in my house, agreeing with Ian I am a big fan of popsicles and ice-cream and would love to be able to make my own ice-cream at home quickly and easily. This would also allow for people to be more health conscious about frozen foods that they eat and I think that is a great benefit of Frigondas. I wonder what other features it has and how this product will grow in the future, what would the costs be and how easy it would be to integrate into regular households.

  • This is a very interesting idea and while the technology must be very advanced for this to work, I’m surprised this has not been invented already. As some of our fellow classmates have mentioned, I think that Frigondas certainly have the potential to be a common kitchen appliance especially in warmer climates. Not only will this type of microwave be able to conveniently freeze and make food/drinks, it would also be able to preserve fresh food longer and very easily. If Frigondas or a similar product hit the US market, I would definitely be interested in purchasing one.

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