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Amazon’s Alexa could soon Translate Speech in Real-Time

Amazon is exploring real time translation abilities for Alexa. Currently the intelligent personal assistant is capable of only deciphering single words and phrases. Many companies have tried at creating real-time translating devices but Amazon believes that they can create the best one yet but improving Alexa to work seamlessly in conversations as a real-time translator. Amazon doesn’t just want it to simply translate language to language, the company wants Alexa to gain a well-rounded knowledge of the cultures in which the translated languages are spoken. By incorporating this knowledge into translation, the device could help users to communicate more respectfully and effectively. For example, the Spanish language is spoken in about 20 countries but in each one the dialect, and accent is different so simple translations services like google can’t fully understand this component and this is something that Amazon wishes to accomplish.

Amazon expects to have this technology available through any smart device to avoid the physical carrying of the device, so it’ll make the technology more accessible for people all over the world. Other companies have tried to create something similar but all have failed to develop a seamless device that’ll make real-time, conversational, and culturally-sensitive translations. Even if the technology is still a long way from happening, Amazon hopes that one day Alexa will be so advanced that a single device could translate multiple people speaking multiple different languages at the same time.

What do you guys think of this? As someone in our class previous mentioned in a post about the Babel Fish Earbuds technology where they hope to basically provide the same service, how do you see this type of technology advancing in the future?

Amazon Real-Time Translator

3 Responses to Amazon’s Alexa could soon Translate Speech in Real-Time

  • Hi, Jose

    I think Alexa, the real time translator is very cool! Because of globalization, business travel and personal travel are certain events happened in our life. A real time translator will be essential for everyone because it makes communication smoothly and respectfully. And as mentioned in the article, this service can be used in any smart service, which reduce inconvenience for everyone. And i think language barrier is always a problem when interacting with someone with different language and culture. The best way to solve this problem is the technology, like Alexa because it does not require people to learn this language, but use it directly.

  • Real time translator is a great idea, and meaningful to the future. It can eliminate the gap or misunderstanding created by differentiation of languages. As a oversea student, if Alexa is able to provide live translate services, and works perfect, language will not be a problem to oversea students. Communication between different culture will be more fluent and efficient. It will be help to unified humans in the earth.

  • Hi Jose,
    I actually covered a similar topic in a previous class, discussing the use of Amazon Echos in a hospital setting. Physicians, nurses, and medical staff hope to use the Echo in every patient room to allow fluent conversation between languages instantly. The ability to instantly communicate with someone of another language without the means of a translator world be simply amazing. I personally can see this technology being used in any business setting, from someone ordering food at a restaurant, to a business meeting filled with men and women of various languages. This technology can open the world to many, who fear international travel or work due to lack of communication.

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