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Harmony, the world’s first talking sex robot

Meet Harmony, the world’s first talking sex robot, created by Matt McMullen who is the CEO and creative director of Realbotix. For the past 20 years, McMullen has been making silicone sex dolls but has now moved into the world of technologically-advanced sex robots. By all accounts, Harmony is an incredibly human-like robot, with facial features that can replicate normal facial expressions. She can raise her eyebrows, dip her chin, move her eyes, and more. Her figure is a life-like replica of a woman’s. And, if buyers want to “customize” Harmony, they most certainly can—her body style, skin tone, hair color, eye color, breast size, freckles, and more are all customizable. She even comes in fantasy versions, where the manufacturers can add on elf ears or vampire fangs. Once she is fully complete, she is sent to buyers in 12 weeks for a price tag of $4,000 – $6,000.

“Harmony is a sophisticated piece of machinery and her primary design is to carry on conversations,” says McMullen. When Harmony is turned on to chat mode, her face motor and Bluetooth-powered speaker allow her to chat with you. She is programmed to recognize her owner’s voice, and can say that she has missed them, or even tell a joke. Harmony comes with an AI app where the owner can adjust her personality (shy, sensual, funny, talkative), mood, level of desire, voice style, and regional accent (a Scottish accent was mentioned in the article).

Harmony has come under a lot of scrutiny. Many argue that owning sex robots like Harmony could increase objectification and violence towards women. Others argue that, once Harmony’s app is hacked, she could be controlled to kill her owner. McMullen typically rejects these arguments, although he has programmed Harmony to “end any conversation that involves murder or violence.”  And despite the backlash, McMullen wants to move forward with constant updates to Harmony—including adding video cameras behind her eyes that can track the owner around the room.

What do you think about Harmony? Do you think she serves a need, or just plain old freaks you out?


3 Responses to Harmony, the world’s first talking sex robot

  • Hi Kayla,
    Great post! I personally think she creeps me out, but then again I could not afford her even if I wanted her. This is my biggest fear, that technology will disconnect people from reality so fully that they will rely on robots for human connection/intimacy and lose themselves. I don’t really see the violence aspect of it, but I do think that robots will dissuade individuals from leaving their homes and searching for an actual life partner. This is just plain freaky.

  • I agree with Claud. This is the type of technology that really scares me. It’s disheartening enough that our phones have made interaction with our peers a secondary and sometimes inconvenient pastime, and scary enough that AI has put enough fake information into circulation that Gartner has predicted people will consume more fake information than legitimate information within the next few years. Now, we have robots being tailored to fulfill crucial social/emotional and physical needs. Where does it stop? Frankly, I find the idea that men and women can create their “perfect wife” absolutely ludicrous. Even the strongest couples have disagreements. It’s part of life. Let alone the fact that she records her owners. I understand that this may help her grow her deep neural networks, and improve performance, but I cover up my web cam when I’m not using it…I certainly don’t want a functioning robot watching me.

  • On the contrary to Claudine and Ian, I think the sex robot is pretty cool ! It’s hilarious that she will not talk to you about violence or murder. There are some guys out there that are quite awkward and this is a good thing for them. Also there are other guys that really can’t stand women, so maybe they’ll like it too. Cool invention!

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