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Pizza Huts Self Driving Delivery Truck

Recently, Pizza Hut has revealed  that they will be teaming up with Toyota to come up with a self serving vehicle with the purpose of catering consumers in a number of ways. Toyota says that it will have the capabilities to host a mobile store and deliver packages. This concept of a servicing vehicle, which is developed by Toyota, this is called e-Palette. The vehicle is going to be electric and self driving. It will have a lower floor and an open interior which will allow consumers to be served and shop around. The length of it will be from 13 to 23 feet, just big enough to hold small stores. Toyota said that they will be teaming up with a handful of partners such as Amazon and other ride sharing services, meaning that these self driving vehicles could revolutionize they way consumers shop. Akio Toyoda stated that, “Today, you have to travel to the stores, in the future with e-Pallete, the store will come to you.”


How do you think e-Pallete will effect a consumers shopping patterns? What other stores besides Amazon and Pizza could you see utilizing this? Do you think this is a trend that will catch on or do you see it being something that will not last?

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  • I do think e-Pallete will effect food and grocery consumer shopping patterns. If you are able to get fresh cooked meals served your home instead of a restaurant, I could see more consumers buying meals then cooking (as long as there are healthy options available). As for online shopping of products and goods, I do not think it will affect that pattern. Products are available to be browsed by the 100s in seconds online, and same day shipping at the convenience of one click. I don’t think stores coming to you at your doorstep are important for this innovation, but fresh and convenient food will be.

  • I also do agree with the fact that this has potential to catch on. The ability to get fresh hot and ready food to your door is very alluring. As long as the business can implement this is a good cost-benefit model and it provides a good return. Resturant industry has seen a decline as consumers are moving more towards fast casual places. If franchises like Applebee’s, TGIF, Chillies, Olive Garden etc. can leverage this to gain customers back. The only challenge being able to calculate the value added of self-delivery truck and adding that back into cost in terms of pricing.

  • To me, this doesn’t seem like an idea that will catch on, but more of a gimmicky development to bring attention to the Pizza Hut and Toyota brands. The e-Palette just doesn’t quite make sense to me. Referencing Akio Toyoda’s quote above, how efficient is bringing a whole store to a single customer versus having a single, central location? Conversely, I’d love to have a drone fly a pizza to my doorstep in less time than it currently takes to get a ‘za delivered.

  • Hi Michael! Awesome post, great question posed. I think that this will effect consumer spending, causing customer to leave their homes less and less. Pizza Hut is taking a risk by implementing technology that is not commonly used. If I were Pizza Hut I would wait till the technology is common and then invest them, however this risk might put Pizza Hut at the forefront of profitability. I think that any company that delivers products/food can utilize e-Pallete. I do think this is a trend that will definitely catch on and impact consumer spending.

  • Hi, Micheal, I think this is a interest post. I think this is a trend of shopping. Because automation and robotization has already became trend in the world. However, this trend will also create problem, like people become more lazy, obesity will be more serious. These problem should be considered while we are developing technology.

  • This is interesting that Pizza Hut is thinking of having a self service vehicle to service its customers. I think the e-Pallete will affect consumer shopping patterns like the internet did with online shopping. I think more customers would use this service so they would not have to go to the store to get their pizza. Other companies I can see using this is Walmart and Target; they can use this technology to get grocery items or any other items they sell to their customers. Last, I think this is a trend that will catch on in the future mainly because it is more cost-effective for companies than having a delivery driver and because it is an easier way for consumers to get products from companies.

  • This is certainly interesting, but I wonder how Pizza Hut imagines it can anticipate supply and not have a bunch of their ingredient inventory go to waste. I personally want my pizza ingredients to be as fresh as possible, that’s why I typically frequent small, family owned pizza shops. I’m not entirely sure how this will be profitable unless the idea is to cut out brick and mortar shops altogether, use deep analytics to find pockets of geographic locations where orders to Pizza Hut locations are the highest, and then almost run these e-Pallete trucks like a food truck. On the other hand, maybe delivery orders can be placed, received by the e-Pallete, and then the pizza can be cooked on the way to a certain destination. I think Pizza Hut has a number of questions to ask before they go through with this business model.

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