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Smart Glasses Look Normal–INTEL


I have never seen anyone wear smart glasses in public, probably because smart glasses look too cool to wear. Most people do not want to attract everyone’s attention with those smart glasses looks like come from sci-fi movies.

However, Intel’s smart glasses “Vaunt” look a lot discreetly. It just looks like any other glasses. Vaunt can place messages and notifications onto users retina. Users do not need focus on the messages, and those messages are just there. When users are not looking at the display, messages disapply, so it would not disturb users vision. There are no buttons or gestures, so it is very user-friendly.  I believe it would be a disruptive innovation. I personally want a pair of that because it is so convenient. Imagining you have a shopping list somewhere in your phone or pocket, you can just look at them through Vaunt while you are shopping now. On the other hand, the downside is no one knows that the people in front of you are listening to you or not. In today’s society, people play too much smartphone when we are around with our closest friends and family, and smart glasses probably make the situation worse.

Do you think it is a disruptive innovation? Do you want a pair of Vaunt?


4 Responses to Smart Glasses Look Normal–INTEL

  • The introduction of this product is very intriguing. As it relates to other smart glasses that are “too cool to wear” such as the Google Glass, I believe this is a signal of this technology moving through the Gartner Hype Cycle. We are far past the peak of inflated expectations with this technology, and firmly in the trough of disillusionment. Could this be a sign that smart glasses are moving up the slope of enlightenment towards the plateau of productivity? I think so, as once this technology becomes more practical and is able to demonstrate its true value, widespread adoption by consumers will ensue. For now, I’ll wait it out until my vision necessitates a move to glasses as by then, we’ll know for sure how useful this can be.

  • Hi Shuyue! Great Post! I believe this technology is a disruptive innovation. I definitely think that in the future everyone will have a pair of these glasses or maybe a pair of contacts that do this for you. Wearables have become such a big part of our current culture. A lot of people are monitoring their health through Fitbits and other wearable technology. I would definitely buy a pair of Vaunt glasses, I would invest in a technology that will become apart of our future.

  • I think the smart wearables market is very interesting as with technology continually getting better devices are getting more compact with increased functionality. I would definitely want a pair of glasses such as this, it would be very convenient to view messages and notifications without having to physically pick up your device. I think this is a disruptive innovation as its combining technology with a traditional non-technology related product.Taking your concern a step further, I think that it could also increase the chances for peoples privacy to diminish – if these smart glasses could record videos or take photos people would be able to do this without anyone else noticing and could potentially be very dangerous. If there were a way to set restrictions on them or even make it so that certain areas wouldnt allow smart glasses I could see this becoming a norm in the future.

  • This is seems like a very cool innovation. Defineitly one I can see as a disruptive innovation, I feel like Google came out with it first, but this innovation is all around better. I am very interested in how these work. It says the info is displayed on the screen the user just has to focus on it, but I would need to try them out to see that. They are definelty convienent though.

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