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The Future of Automation

Artificial Intelligence and automation are drastically affecting the workplace. The constant rate of change is moving too fast for companies to keep up. One study done by the Center for Business and Economic Research claims that half of the United States jobs could be replaced by automation. This is due in part to how much data is available in our society. AI can use this data to learn and adapt, and eventually replace jobs.

On the other hand complete automation has a long way to go. Boyle brings up the issue Uber is having with their self-autonomous cars and deadly accidents. One of Uber’s vehicles struck a person and killed them in Arizona. Automation definitely has drawbacks and it is unclear what the future for autonomous cars is.

Is there anything people can do to stop automation? Do you think it will ruin jobs or is there potential to create jobs? Does automation cause more harm than good?


One Response to The Future of Automation

  • I don’t think there’s much people can do to stop automation at this point, technology will only continue to get better and expand more into society. Automation can do both create and ruin jobs depending on what field it’s in. Engineers, and developers will love the future of automation but not so much people that work in like service type of jobs. Automation is a scary thing especially for people working in jobs where they don’t think its secured as it could be replaced by automation in the future. One thing with automation that worries me is self-driving trucks, they’re probably still 10-15 years from actually being implemented into society but I saw a map of 2014 where truck driving is the most popular job in almost 30 states in America, and it’s probably more now with the advancements of Amazon’s shipping and delivering services in the past 4 years. Imagine how many jobs will be lost when self-driving trucks are the norm in society? It’s a scary idea for many.

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