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What is the future of wearable Technology?


What is the future of wearable Technology?


Apple watches, fitbits, step trackers, what is the future of where we are going with wearable technology?

This article makes a wonderful point as to where we are in relation to what the future, may hold in terms of wearable tech. To paraphrase, in accordance with Moore’s Law, as time continues technology will continue to shrink in size and become more powerful. Therefore, currently, we are wearing what would be equivalent to a boom box on our wrists.

Interesting take. That being said, watches always are larger, so I disagree there. But, the point that the article was making was that technology is continuing to be woven into everything more seamlessly every day. As a society, we are becoming more and more obsessed with numbers and quantifiable data. Because of this, we cannot settle for estimations.

Now, imagine if wearable tech is interwoven into everything. That ring on your fingers, inlaid with tech to sense your vitals and hydration. Your shirt and pants have advanced fabrics that indicate certain organs and body parts are functioning correctly.

It seems overwhelming, but it may be where we are headed. This comes from the notion that, as an advanced society, we are focusing on integrating tech and simplifying every interaction we have throughout our days. The article talks about if you were coming home with bags of groceries, the wearable will sense that, talk to your ‘smart’ door which will then unlock and open for you. If you have low hydration levels, your ‘smart’ refrigerator will pour a glass of water for you as you enter the kitchen.

The future seems exciting in terms of integration. If we are going lengths to do so already it will be great to see the final product.

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  • Hi, Jacob:
    Great post and I do believe that wearable technology is the future. It is pretty cool that wearable technology can body conditions, but more importantly, I hope wearable technology can create temperature control clothes, so I can avoid extremely hot and freeze weather. On the other hand, wearable clothes can become a disruptive innovation, which traditional clothes industry might disappear slowly.

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