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Jane E Kraus

The Future of Automation

Artificial Intelligence and automation are drastically affecting the workplace. The constant rate of change is moving too fast for companies to keep up. One study done by the Center for Business and Economic Research claims that half of the United States jobs could be replaced by automation. This is due in part to how much data is available in our society. AI can use this data to learn and adapt, and eventually replace jobs.

On the other hand complete automation has a long way to go. Boyle brings up the issue Uber is having with their self-autonomous cars and deadly accidents. One of Uber’s vehicles struck a person and killed them in Arizona. Automation definitely has drawbacks and it is unclear what the future for autonomous cars is.

Is there anything people can do to stop automation? Do you think it will ruin jobs or is there potential to create jobs? Does automation cause more harm than good?


The New Lost and Found

New technology will be able to track all of your items not just electronics in case of misplacement. Ping GPS was created by Josh Lippiner after he could not find his daughter during a game of hide and seek. Ping GPS is a small device that you could attach to your child’s shoes or your wallet. Other companies are trying to adopt this technology into their products as well. This tracking technology could be in your keys, luggage, glasses and any other item.
Would you want all of your items to be tracked online? Do you find this item useful or a breach of privacy? Do you think other companies or the government be able to access this information?

Artificial Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry

Artificial Intelligence is being implemented across industries. This includes the hospitality industry. Artificial Intelligence is being used for hotels to have concierge robots. The Hilton has an AI robot names Connie that can perform tasks like give real-time recommendations for sites and attractions. Connie relies on IBM’s Watson AI for it’s intelligence and Connie learns from each customer interaction.
This summer I interned at a bank. I believe the concept of Connie could be used for bank teller robots or any customer service needs. Maybe this device could help customers prepare for deposits and withdrawals instead of customers filling out slips.
The intelligence makes me wonder what will happen next. It is interesting to see if Temple University will adopt any artificial intelligence.

How cutting-edge hotels use artificial intelligence for a great guest experience