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Malik A Donald

A microwave that can freeze food and drinks?

The microwave was a revolutionary creation that allowed people to heat up their food quickly. Now, there is an invention that reverses this process and is called Frigondas. It is able to freeze food and drinks in minutes along with the capabilities of a traditional microwave. The microwave is designed to be easy and simple for everyone to use so that it “compliments” the kitchen. The article does not give much on how this product incorporates IoT, but I felt that it is a worthy innovation that can one day revolutionize households the same way traditional microwaves already have. According to the article, this product should be hitting the US market very soon. How do you guys feel about this? Do you find this fascinating? Why, why not? Is an invention like this something you see yourself using in the future?


Paying with Your Face

There is technology available now in China that authorizes payments, provide access to facilities and tracks down criminals. The AI described is the Chinese startup titled “Face++“. This AI is so effective for image recognition because “it makes a computer zero in on the facial features that will most reliably identify a person”. According to the article, security is very important in China and they believe this facial recognition technology can be a very efficient to not only make purchases, but protect humans as well.

Do you guys think its a possibility that facial recognition can become the new norm here in America and would you feel safe knowing that this is the norm? Why? Why not?

I feel like we as a society are already on our way there. With Apple implementing face recognition on the iPhone X, it is only a matter of time for its majority users to buy into the trend which will eventually make it common among everyone. Also, with cryptocurrency on the rise, there eventually would be no need to bring a wallet. What would be a better currency/ID than a scan of your own face? Thoughts?



Self Driving Trucks

Truck drivers are responsible for delivering products for companies to our local department and grocery stores, which can be extensive hours for trained drivers to travel. There have been occasions where these drivers have got into accidents because they were either tired or couldn’t slow down in time because a car jumped in their lane with not enough space to stop. There are those that feel that they can eliminate this dilemma by having computers replace these truck drivers and reduce the number of accidents occurring. The article states that most companies are now testing self-driving trucks and could be available in the next 5-10 years.

For people like us in this field that pay attention to IT trends, we often see that technology is going to replace most of these low-skilled jobs in the near future. But I personally do not feel like truck driving is a low-skill job, being that I have family that drives trucks. The process to get your truck drivers license is rigorous. Not just anybody with a regular drivers license can drive a 18-wheeler. Unfortunately, this will not stop people from creating technology to replace any job if it can prove to be more safe and less costly. As IT gets more complex, no job is safe outside of this field.

Would you guys agree?