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Michael Biffen

Pizza Huts Self Driving Delivery Truck

Recently, Pizza Hut has revealed  that they will be teaming up with Toyota to come up with a self serving vehicle with the purpose of catering consumers in a number of ways. Toyota says that it will have the capabilities to host a mobile store and deliver packages. This concept of a servicing vehicle, which is developed by Toyota, this is called e-Palette. The vehicle is going to be electric and self driving. It will have a lower floor and an open interior which will allow consumers to be served and shop around. The length of it will be from 13 to 23 feet, just big enough to hold small stores. Toyota said that they will be teaming up with a handful of partners such as Amazon and other ride sharing services, meaning that these self driving vehicles could revolutionize they way consumers shop. Akio Toyoda stated that, “Today, you have to travel to the stores, in the future with e-Pallete, the store will come to you.”


How do you think e-Pallete will effect a consumers shopping patterns? What other stores besides Amazon and Pizza could you see utilizing this? Do you think this is a trend that will catch on or do you see it being something that will not last?

Babel-Fish Earbuds

Google has created a pair of earbuds called Pixel Buds that allow users to get instant translations for the language they speak. They work by one user wearing the earbuds while the person speaking has the Google pixel smartphone. The user with the earbuds simply speaks their language and an application translates the voice which is then played out loud on the phone. When the person with the phone responds, their response is translated, which is heard through the earbuds. An advancement on this type technology could open many doors in terms on communicating in different languages.

How do you see these headphones being used todays society? How do you see these headphones playing out in foreign affairs?  Do you think they pose as a benefit or a burden to, being that now consumers might ignore learning a new language?

McDonald’s Using Tech to Drive Sales

Image result for McDonalds Kiosk

McDonald’s has decided to take a technical approach in order to increase sales and cater to customer preferences. McDonald’s is doing this by implementing self-serve kiosks that allows customers to order at touch screens then pick up a number with a digital locator, allowing employees to serve them. McDonald’s is also allowing customers to order and pay on their mobile app, which already holds 16 million downloads. These technical innovations will result in improved efficiency for the company, improving sales growth. This also allows McDonald’s to use better ingredients such as all beef patties. Since they take longer to cook, the digital ordering platform will reduce the time it takes to order the meal and compensate for the extra time of making the food. Although these innovations will clearing improve sales, challenges still await. Starbucks, which is implementing a similar ordering and mobile app system is facing problems due to the overwhelming orders places from these platforms.

One last innovation McDonald’s is using is digital menu boards. These boards change during the time of day and even with the weather, since people crave specific foods depending on the weather.

How do you feel about ordering food from a kiosk? Do you feel it is less personal? What impact could it have on jobs? What ways could McDonald’s utilize analytics from these kiosks and menu boards?