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Shane T Fowler

Technology that disappears

Ubiquitous computing is a concept coined by former XEROX Parc chief technologist Mark Weiser which states that software engineering and computer science is made appear anytime and everywhere. In Bryan Gardiner’s article, he talks about JetBlue and how they use biometric boarding as opposed to a paper ticket or an e-ticket on your smart phone that allows. This boarding would allow the passengers to walk up to a gate, let a camera scan their face, and then proceed to the flight if the camera finds a match for their face.

This probably wasn’t Mark’s idea when he first thought of ubiquitous computing but that along with voice assistants and “smart” products in homes are early examples of ubiquitous computing. The advances of these “hands-off technologies” won’t make other technologies that require physical inputs such as keyboard and smartphones obsolete but we are now in the early days where technology is starting to “disappear” or weave into our daily lives to the point where we won’t even realize it.


Is Universal Basic Income the future?

Technology is transforming the American economy and economies across different nations. With the rise of new technologies such as robots, AI, and machine learning a lot of jobs are being automated. Investment research by Forrester predicts “automation will create nearly 15 million new jobs by 2025, but at the same time, wipe out nearly 25 million jobs.” Using this prediction, thats 10 million people who will be out of jobs; however, a possible solution for the future is Universal Basic Income(UBI). UBI is unconditional cash payments from the government to its citizens.

UBI may seem like an idea that’s ridiculous however, former president Obama has stated how he was not sure if UBI is the right model but it is a topic that will have to be discussed in the next 10 to 20 years. Also, Elon Musk has agrees that there won’t be many other options stating “There is a pretty good chance we end up with universal basic income, or something like that due to automation.”

I don’t believe UBI is an idea that is in the distant future, like former president Obama and Elon Musk, I think that due to the increase in automation and AI, Universal Basic Income is a conversation that people will have to start talking about sooner rather than later.

Tesla helps build world’s biggest “virtual power plant”

Tesla already put together the world’s largest lithium battery in Australia now it’s trying for another record. South Australia plans to equip 50,000 homes with solar panels and Tesla battery storage units, connecting them to a grid to create a “virtual power plant.” Virtual power plants obtain energy from multiple energy sources which helps South Australia because they need need a reliable source of energy from frequent power outages and shortages. The system will be able to monitor data from the network or solar panels and batteries in order to provide reliable energy. The project is set to take 4 years and once it is completed it will help South Australia’s 1.7 million residents who suffer from power outages.