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Smart Glasses Look Normal–INTEL


I have never seen anyone wear smart glasses in public, probably because smart glasses look too cool to wear. Most people do not want to attract everyone’s attention with those smart glasses looks like come from sci-fi movies.

However, Intel’s smart glasses “Vaunt” look a lot discreetly. It just looks like any other glasses. Vaunt can place messages and notifications onto users retina. Users do not need focus on the messages, and those messages are just there. When users are not looking at the display, messages disapply, so it would not disturb users vision. There are no buttons or gestures, so it is very user-friendly.  I believe it would be a disruptive innovation. I personally want a pair of that because it is so convenient. Imagining you have a shopping list somewhere in your phone or pocket, you can just look at them through Vaunt while you are shopping now. On the other hand, the downside is no one knows that the people in front of you are listening to you or not. In today’s society, people play too much smartphone when we are around with our closest friends and family, and smart glasses probably make the situation worse.

Do you think it is a disruptive innovation? Do you want a pair of Vaunt?


Amazon Has Developed an AI Fashion Designer

Amazon armed to become “the best place to buy fashion online” by using AI algorithm. This system can learn from images, which means it can catch the trend from studying social media’s images, and draw out a style. It could be a big deal with Amazon’s business umbrella. With disruptive innovations strategy, the movement Amazon is doing is the disruptive innovation of new market because it changes the way of design clothes styles and would reduce the headcount of designers eventually.

As many people believe that Artificial Intelligence can replace many jobs in the near future, but designers’ jobs are usually considered to be safe in the shadow of AI. However, not all designers’ jobs are safe with the trendy of Amazon’s algorithm, such as Microsoft AI can draw objects by text descriptions, AI music by Aiva Technologies, etc.

So the question is: Can Artificial Intelligence replace designers’ job? In my opinion, AI cannot replace artists, but AI can replace some designer’s job if those jobs are not actually creating. Therefore, it is important to improve creative, management, and leadership skills, and do not satisfy with relatively repeat works. What do you think?


Delivery Robot

     A company called Starship Technologies created this robot. It can deliver foods from restaurants to order placers. A smartphone App allows users to unlock the lid, and lock back automatically. There is a Youtube video called  “We Tried To Steal Food From A Delivery Robot” talks about someone tried to mess up with the robot as well as some interesting details about the delivery robot.( ). This fantastic delivery system is happening in Washington, D.C. Delivery system is a very important sub-system in a restaurant’s system. Think about it, how many times we give up to order takeout from restaurants because of the delivery fees, long waiting time, etc. Delivery Robot can increase the customer satisfaction and the number of order requests by improving the efficiency of order delivery.

This method can also use for online shopping and return system. However, there are some questionable areas. For example, It is possible that Delivery Robot can take jobs away from delivery guys. Are there any better ways to increase the automation but also keep people having jobs no matter what education levels they have in the future? Also, Starship’s Delivery Robots have cameras all around, and it is a reasonable good design, but what about the information security issue? Delivery Robots can not only record users face and information but also people walk pass on the street. Do you mind if your behaviors on the street record by Starship’s Delivery Robots’ cameras?

Hungry? Call Your Neighborhood Delivery Robot”