Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

Connecticut’s First Statewide Health Information Exchange

A $12.2 million grant has been given to the State of Connecticut for a statewide health information exchange that will hopefully produce a solution since the past effort failed. The objective is to design a secure, modern HIE to facilitate sharing of health data to increase the quality of care provided to patients, optimize efficiency and cut high health care costs. Here we see a common issue with strategically aligning IT infrastructure with the objectives of a particular organization. If the organization’s IT is not properly matched to the organization’s strategy, it will result in inefficient business and lack of revenues. In this case, health care consumers suffer tremendously from the high costs of health care due to poor administrative practices that are inefficient and improperly aligned with the organization. With the creation of the first statewide HIE for Connecticut, hopefully we will see a decrease in the costs of healthcare for its constituents once the builders can properly align organization information systems with their business strategy, streamlining and improving efficiency among their IT and operations, thus marking precedent for other states to follow.

2 Responses to Connecticut’s First Statewide Health Information Exchange

  • I think this will be interesting to keep an eye on if successful. If IT works the way it is intended to and a solution is discovered, the question then becomes ‘where do you go from here?’ One possible avenue they could explore could be analyzing the health of specific demographics to correct any racial, ethnic, or gender inequities. There is currently a system in place where analysts utilize insurance claims data, which provides real-time clinical data but it does not address any gaps in healthcare, improve overall health, or evaluate specific provides in the state of Connecticut. CT is not the only state rolling out HIE as Montana has begun funding for a statewide health information exchange. The goal is to have the business plan completed by January 2019 so it will interesting to see, if any, adjustments Montana makes from Connecticut’s health exchange.

  • It is refreshing to see advancements made in HIE that are calming the chaos of the healthcare industry its inefficiencies. In light of a recent natural disaster, Hurricane Florence, HIE is being utilized to assist patients with healthcare that have been displaced due to the hurricane. This expansion of HIEs throughout the Southeast is a huge step forward in the healthcare field. As someone who has my seen friends struggle to get access to medication and proper physician care due to inefficient communication and collection of records, it’s nice to see healthcare headed in a more organized direction.

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