Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

Hang Lung launches new customer relationship management program “HOUSE 66”

Hang Lung Properties has launched a new customer relationship management program – “HOUSE 66” at its flagship project, Plaza 66 in Shanghai. The goal of this program is to provide customer with a more intimate relationship with the company. Hang Lung is a leading Hong Kong company boasting an extensive real estate portfolio in Hong Kong, as well as building, owning and managing world-class commercial complexes in key cities on the Mainland since the 1990s. Designated members of the new program will take part in overseas excursions, international fashion shows, and product launches of international brands. Hang Lung plans to establish a more personal relationship with customers by rolling out this new program. I believe it is smart to prioritize a customer-centric and marketing-driven strategy for operations because capturing a core, loyal customer base makes it easier for a business to zone in on their target market. Weber Lo, CEO of Hang Lung Properties, stated “‘HOUSE 66’ will allow us to capture and make use of big data for formulating more effective leasing and business campaigns. Together with the various tailor-made and exclusive member services, we will be able to offer a truly unique experience to our loyal customers.”

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