Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

Netherland Electricity powered by Blockchain

In the Netherlands, IBM and TenneT (electricity supplier for the Netherlands and Germany) are partnering up to investigate the use of Blockchain of the ledger system of blockchain technologies.  Vandebron is implementing the system with TenneT to track the use of renewable energy and more specifically the flexible capacity of electric cars and household batteries.  The electric cannot have any downtime in operation and in order to maintain the supply excess electricity exists in Reserves.  Vandebron in this project will be working with electric car owners to contribute capacity of their batteries into the grid.  In essence electric car batteries could make for shortages in electrical supply.  In this pilot version however actual battery capacity wont be used but signaling and communication via blockchain mining will be established.

The significance of the disruption of Blockchain in power shows how new technologies can make older systems more agile and efficient.   In this instance shortages are potentially being made up of decentralized system of consumer batteries rather than a central power reserve.  The implication should result in a more concise and high performing electricity system and provides a new potential source of energy recycling in a time where electrical supply needs are only increasing


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