Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

Systems Integration Boosts Businesses and Increases Efficiency

With all the new technologies coming out, and the increased dependency on technology globally, the systems integration market is expected to surpass $390 billion in the next two years alone. In a world of big data, it becomes crucial to have a system that can handle and manage all that information. By centralizing the data, it is more easy to access and organize which gives companies a competitive advantage in terms of efficiency and organization. This integration is helpful for companies of all sizes, big and small. In fact, it may be even more advantageous for smaller businesses since it can help significantly grow their companies. Adding system integration in a company can add value to a company because it will be able to address consumer and business needs that can lead to revenue growth. From a business perspective, it can build or solidify relationships with executives of others companies while from a consumer perspective, tracking customers’ information allows companies to gain more insight into their purchases which can lead to more purchases that fit their needs. Although finding an integration system that fits all your company’s needs and is compatible with the current system takes time and patience, it is well worth the struggle for the benefits your company can reap in the not only in the near future but in the coming years as well.

2 Responses to Systems Integration Boosts Businesses and Increases Efficiency

  • Can you think of any situation in which systems integration might not make sense? I.e. when company should stick to it currently fragmented systems.

  • The only time that I think of when a company should keep its systems fragmented is if a company has different departments that are not interconnected. I cannot think of any specific examples though because I feel like even if companies have different departments, they are almost always related in some way. For example, even for a simple transaction, you would need the order itself, the financial information, inventory information, and operations/supply chain as well as other departments. So generally speaking, most companies can definitely benefit from systems integration.

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