Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

Facebook Security Breach

Facebook had a breach and roughly 50 million users’ information was hacked. Facebook made the public aware of the breach as soon as they discovered it. It appears that hackers “exploited a feature in Facebook’s code to gain access” (Isaac and Frenkel). Facebook being such a vital company to today’s world economy puts even more stress on this hack. The security and infrastructure should be on Facebook is world class, but breaches such as this should almost never occur with such sensitive data.

Another compounding factor that stresses Facebook’s security is this use in elections. Recent highlights such as the 2016 United States Presidential elections is commonly highlighted; supposedly Russians manipulated the platform to boost voter turn out. The aftermath of our election redirects attention to Facebook for future elections specifically in Mexico and Brazil.

The security apparatus developed within Facebook should be thoroughly evaluated to prevent future breaches; especially considering there is data on roughly 2.2 billion people. Mark Zuckerberg has stated publicly that the breach point was located and they will work to thwart future attacks.

2 Responses to Facebook Security Breach

  • These breaches several important question with potentially significant business impact:

    1) If Facebook and, recently, Google cannot secure their systems, can anybody? They have the best engineers in the world but still breaches happen.

    2) Will there be increased legislation and regulatory intervention around these companies that have grown to become incredibly influential in contemporary society?

    I don’t have answers to these question, but the business environment will keep changing for sure!

  • Wow. This is very eye opening. Facebook owns probably the worlds largest personal information database in the world. As professor Aleksi said, they have the best engineers in the world working on security and still cannot secure their own data. To answer his follow up question; No I do not believe that there is a database in which is secure. Hackers are constantly evolving and will continue to do so. We cannot stay ahead of all of them. This is surely a problem that will invade our lives for many years to come/

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