Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

Google Exposed Data

It was just released that Google has exposed hundreds of thousands of Google+ users private data. These kind of situations happens all of the time, however Google chose not to inform those who are affected by this data breach. Wall Street Journal’s sources claim they reviewed the documents and say that the software vulnerability allowed user data from 2015 to 2018 to be breached. The information that was exposed were names, email addresses, date of birth, home addresses and more. Google stated they were not aware of this bug and cannot find any evidence that the data breach even took place. Google does allow developers to collect Google+ profile information but only when granted access by users, however a bug allowed the developers to access the data regardless. Google claims that 500,000 of those users were impacted by this bug. To resolve this issue Google plans to shut down the entire Google+ service within 10 months to allow users tp transition out of the service. Along with this solution, Google is limiting apps that can have permission to access Gmail data, and allowing users to decide which apps can access data.


3 Responses to Google Exposed Data

  • What do you think? Should they have disclosed the breach immediately?

    • Yes I do think they should have disclosed the breach immediately because Google is one of the largest companies in the world and I am sure their reputation matter to them very much and would want to continue to have customer loyalty. Another reason is because they were sort of forced to disclose this breach eventually because of the Google+ shut down. I highly doubt they would announce the shut down with no justification, so they would need to release that information anyway.

      • I tend to agree that breaches should be disclosed immediately.

        Another observation, Google probably used here a PR tactic to publish bad news simultaneously to reduce their overall impact. Google+ has been virtually dead for long time, but I think shutting it down like so many other Google services has been shut down was perhaps not easy. The company de facto admits that is does not know how to do social media. Another similar fiasco was Apple Ping (or whatever that was named) – totally failed attempt to build social media around iTunes.

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