Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

AI Lie Detector

In Hungary, Latvia, and Greece boarders will be met with new security – AI. The new systems called IBorderCTRL is AI developed in the UK. Its main focus is security of borders and will replace the traditional man in the box security.

The AI will analyze facial features typically unnoticeable to the blind eye. Through micro-expressions (elevated eyes or mouth twitch) this AI will be likely to pick up on signals of liars. If it detects a lie, it will become more aggressive and  eventually escalate to human security. Right now it is in its trivial stages of development, but this is the next step in global security.

Personally, I have mixed feelings on this type of system. I think security is necessary, but there is a fine line between excess security and freedom.

3 Responses to AI Lie Detector

  • Although this is an interesting feature of AI. I agree with you that despite the killer security feature, the implementation of such technology on society will certainly make people feel a sense of deprivation in their privacy. However, the technology can be utilized by law enforcement at the interrogation, it will certainly help them in identifying the criminals; moreover, decrease the chances of arresting wrong criminals due to human errors.

  • As Chung-Han mentioned, I definitely think this can be implemented for interrogation of criminals and provide more accurate results and feedback than the current lie detectors we have. However, I do think implementing this as border security might be too excessive and an invasion of privacy. Unless there is solid evidence for this to be used on a person, I do not think it should be used on everyone that is trying to leave or enter those countries. Although national security is crucial, I feel that there are already several measures being taken to ensure that at those borders and using this AI security system in addition to that could potentially cause more problems than it solves.

  • Going off of Chung-Han and Chandni I do believe ethically it is not okay to use solely AI as filtration process. However I believe the ability for this technology in conjunction with human expertise will lead to a much more productive and fruitful results from interrogations and overall national security. The use of AI to augment can definitely reduce human error that currently exists in the criminal process and make it overall more efficient. However the use of this technology could potential substantially reduce the overall cost of border security because costs saved in labor.

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