Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

AI for Nurse Staffing

AI has a high impact on healthcare. It offers multiple benefits such as identifying new techniques that can prevent diseases, perform clinical diagnoses. AI also has the capability of detecting meaningful relationships in a data set that can be used in meaningful situations. For instance, there are startups like Cerebro that focuses on improving nurse staffing.

Day and night, hospitals require high-quality clinical staff for their patients.  To meet their needs, hospitals increasingly rely on inefficient, insufficient staffing agencies. The agencies rarely find all of the necessary staff or only after a long delay.  At the same time, agencies treat themselves to high margins instead of rewarding the clinicians’ valuable work.

Cerebro is a SaaS enabled marketplace that disrupts the traditional means through which healthcare organizations connect with clinicians for contingent work. It offers a faster, responsive healthcare solution that connects healthcare facilities with verified, ready-to-work clinicians to book appointments, manage prescriptions, tracks patients diet and exercise, post and accept both per diem and contract shifts, without reliance on intermediaries. These activities go directly to the hundreds of nurses on the Cerebro mobile app. Therefore, allowing for immediate responses and shortening time to procurement to nearly zero. The app tracks and delivers quality nurses on time and makes supplemental staffing more capital efficient by better utilizing each dollar of spending from the healthcare organization.

One Response to AI for Nurse Staffing

  • On paper this seems like the perfect use of AI. In this scenario AI is replacing a currently very inefficient and labor intensive function of the healthcare industry and solving it by using this technology to simplify the process and do all the mundane tasks. I wonder if this system is successful if it will receive large scale adoption in the healthcare industry. My biggest concern with this idea the scope seems to wide, if successful I believe it should focus on being a solely HR process instead of trying involve patient interaction.

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