Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

CVS Deal With Aetna Changes Healthcare

After a relatively long amount of time, CVS Health Corp is expected to close it’s purchase of Aetna later this month. The company has only recently won approval to purchase Aetna and is expecting to merge Aetna into it’s existing infrastructure. By merging these two giants, we can expect to see a reshaped healthcare sector as it combines one of the largest pharmaceutical providers with one of the oldest health insurers. After learning about disruptive innovations in class, this article seemed to fit as it is combining two companies in the same general field but not specific sector allowing for a more aligned, over arching company. With the combination, CVS could start offering anything from screenings to preventative care services in it’s clinics for customers with Aetna health insurance. Compared to other healthcare insurances, the combination of convenience and reputation that both bring to the table could disrupt the entire healthcare industry.

One Response to CVS Deal With Aetna Changes Healthcare

  • This is a very interesting topic for the Healthcare Industry. We have seen in the past years how healthcare has been showing positive outcomes through technological advancements. This is an outstanding acquisition as it aims to help tighten costs control. However, my concerns are more towards the incremental of customer’s healthcare expenses.

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