Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

Microsoft To Buy the Chatbot Startup XOXCO

Microsoft recently bought the Startup XOXOCO to adopt this emerging technology as an approach to adopt Artificial intelligence in their operation. In the business operation perspective, it represents as a significant investment for Microsoft. ChatBots the artificial intelligence technology was able to replace first-line/ Tier one customer support personnel. Secondly, ChatBots were able to decrease the language barriers for business if they out-source their support operation overseas. In comparison to oversea customer support, ChatBots provide a service that was able to decrease the language barriers and overall support time. For Microsoft, if the company adopt such technology into their operation, they will be able to decrease expenses on first-line customer support.


3 Responses to Microsoft To Buy the Chatbot Startup XOXCO

  • These chatbots are the way of the future. At times they can be annoying but they are very cost effective. I wonder if Microsoft and other companies will be able to fully replace call centers with AI.

  • I wonder how many ChatBots are portrayed as humans on websites that offer 24/7 customer support. It interesting to see how long it takes before people trust a ChatBot to solve their customer issues over another human. From personal experience, when I have to get hardware replaced at work, I prefer to speak with another person rather than a possible ChatBot on the website. I’ve some instances where I am forced to keep explaining the same issue over again whereas I know that I usually won’t have to with a person over the phone. I can’t wait to see how these bots will evolve and change the face customer support.

  • As annoying as these chat bots usually are, they save a ton of time. I know people who worked with customer support and there are some many calls that come in that they describe as incredibly simple and not worth their time. By having chat bots that can actually assist people and successfully imitate, maybe companies like Microsoft can start rolling out bots that people are comfortable with using. I know personally that whenever I call somewhere that has an automated line menu or voice-controlled system, I am immediately more annoyed than I should be at both the issue and the business so if companies can convince people that they aren’t talking to a bot, that will surely reflect well on your business.

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