Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

OrCam Myme: A Wearable Camera to Track Your Social Life

An AI vision company is launching a mini camera that you can wear to track your social life. This camera is tiny and can be clipped to any shirt and will be hooked up to your mobile device. What this camera will do is take pictures every second, use facial recognition to keep track of the people you are meeting with along with the amount of time you are with them, and will store pictures of people it does not recognize so you can come back to review it. It is essentially a consumer-based augmented reality device. The purpose of this device is to track and inform you of how much time you are spending with people versus screens. The company wants people to become more aware of their human interaction or lack thereof.

Personally, I think this device is a little creepy because it is essentially vlogging your entire day and taking pictures of everyone you spend time or come across. Although the company created this to increase human interaction by making people more aware of how much they are on their phones or computers, it seems contradictory to build a device like this, a disruptive innovation that uses technology to keep track of everything you do everyday. It has more potential to be used negatively, as does most technology these days, and ultimately may not serve the very purpose it was created for.

One Response to OrCam Myme: A Wearable Camera to Track Your Social Life

  • Okay, Chandni I agree with you about the device being creepy. 100%. I find it interesting that this device was developed to track and inform you of how much time you spend with people vs a smartphone. I guess that the only way to advertise a product like this, but I still think they are using this data in other ways. My follow up question would be, how do you have time to go through and analyze your entire day? Seems overbearing.

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