Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002

Ahmad Ibrahim

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The federal Communication Commission is looking to auction US licenses that will allow 5G services. 5G will allow speeds to be about 100 times faster than the current cellular speeds we experience now. There are a few more benefits as well. It can increase the responsiveness and allow more people being on the same network without any delay or lagging. Having less delay and response time can help other technology improve dramatically such as VR, drones, self driving vehicles, and social media apps. Self Driving vehicles can allow accelerated information such as finding out the location and speeds more effectively. VR devices would be able to display a much more advanced experience that consumers would enjoy. Social media apps, such as Facebook Live would be able to have more clear live videos of everyone. Drones are similar to the self driving vehicles that would give us more data and footage needed. 5G is coming soon and will impact all of our lives dramatically. What features are you looking for most that will be impacted by 5G networks?

Google Exposed Data

It was just released that Google has exposed hundreds of thousands of Google+ users private data. These kind of situations happens all of the time, however Google chose not to inform those who are affected by this data breach. Wall Street Journal’s sources claim they reviewed the documents and say that the software vulnerability allowed user data from 2015 to 2018 to be breached. The information that was exposed were names, email addresses, date of birth, home addresses and more. Google stated they were not aware of this bug and cannot find any evidence that the data breach even took place. Google does allow developers to collect Google+ profile information but only when granted access by users, however a bug allowed the developers to access the data regardless. Google claims that 500,000 of those users were impacted by this bug. To resolve this issue Google plans to shut down the entire Google+ service within 10 months to allow users tp transition out of the service. Along with this solution, Google is limiting apps that can have permission to access Gmail data, and allowing users to decide which apps can access data.


Faster Internet on Mobile Devices

Almost every individual has a cell phone or tablet, kids, teens, or adults all have at least one device. We have the technology to have Gigabyte speeds for home Wi-Fi, but when will we improve mobile internet speeds. With technology on the rise, many use their smartphone or tablet to do their work on a daily basis or even on the go. We have come a long way from 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, and now we are anxiously waiting for the next big thing, 5G. 5G is to be 100 times faster than 4G, producing about 10 Gigabits per second. Full length movies can now be streamed in high definition in seconds. The equipment needed is currently being built in China and has about 50 contracts.

Verizon and AT&T are currently testing their 5G internet and TV services in only a few cities at a time. They claim that their plans on rolling out majority of the US will be around June 2020. So where does that leave Sprint and T-Mobile? With the Sprint and T-Mobile merge on the way, T-Mobile has promised to invest $40 billion in the 5G network in hopes that they can over 90% of the US by 2024.

However with all this new tech underway, some nations are worried about the 5G equipment because of speculations using the chips and software to spy on other nations. Australia is one of many that banned China’s new 5G tech. Only time will tell if other nations will follow the ban, or would they all have a change of heart for 5G.