Instructor: Aleksi Aaltonen, Section 002


Machine Learning Forecasted to Predict Human Cell Organization

Scientists have been able to leverage technology to advance the current methods of viewing human cells. Historically, they have used a process known as fluorescent microscopy. This process does not allow a full comprehensive view of the cell, and does not provide the scientist with the full benefit of watching the proteins interact in real time. The addition of machine learning technology has large impacts throughout the health field. The algorithm can be used to view the behavior of cancerous cells, and pinpoint what goes wrong in the cells before they become diseased. This modeling technology is huge for the development of drugs, and can even help scientists to grow real organs from human cells in a lab.

Technology is proving to be very valuable to the advancement of the entire medical field. Every year, life expectancy goes up thanks to the development of new cutting edge machines that aid doctors all the way from diagnosis through treatment. Scientists are even speaking about applying this new algorithm to old data that has been gathered from cancerous cells. Over time, learning from the models will help scientists predict diseases earlier to their inception. Information systems used in this capacity do not only improve efficiency, but save lives. One day, we may see a doctors that are not traditionally trained in medicine, but more as analysts and technicians of medical technology.

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