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Steve Jobs Presentation Skills

In class we watched the following you tube posted analysis of Steve Jobs presentation skills.  The analysis focused on the introduction of the I-phone.  A link to the I-phone presentation is also attached


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  • Besides the Steve Jobs’ presentation skills mentioned in the first video, there are several other skills worth notice from the second one.
    First, he used concise and easy-to-understand words to make up short to medium sentences, which was easy for audiences to understand and memorize so they can focus on the pictures on the screen.
    Second, he used clean jokes to entertain the audiences and delivered the ideas or concepts at same times.
    Third, he talked slowly and cleanly. This allows audiences to understand him easily and have time to digest what he just said.

  • I particularly like the video mentioned about Steve Job’s enthusiasm, which was his big smile. In my opinion, if anyone wants to persuade other of his/ her ideas, he/she should 100% confidence about the content or the product that is going to be presented and Steve Job did that. However, I also think that big smile cannot be used in every single presentation. For example, at the end of my summer intern as a project associate, I had to summarize a report to all senior managements. Since the report would affect future company operation, I should be confident, professional, and prepared for the content. Therefore, I didn’t deem the big smile as the appropriate way in this kind of serious conferences.

  • One of the main components of delivering a great presentation is how you start off and get the audience excited about your presentation. Immediately, when Steve Jobs says, “This is a day I have been looking forward to for two and a half years,” I was instantly hooked. Moreover, I never really thought much about Steve Job’s plain black outfit until I realized how much it contributed to his presentation. I realized I was paying a lot less attention to the presenter, Steve Jobs, and found that I was actually engaged in the presentation and the message he was giving. By having simple to follow slides, having an enthusiastic attitude, and engaging the audience, Steve Jobs was able to give an effective presentation.

  • The purports I got from 2 videos about Steve Job’s Presentation and skills are:

    -The presenters must understand and be very familiar with the content, so they could fill up the deck with their speech.
    -The presenters should enjoy the presentation themselves.
    -The presenters should always highlight and focus on key points to help audiences on track.
    -The deck should be clear, concise with obvious points.
    -The deck should be interactive to help presenter engage with the audience.

  • I’ve always admired Steve Jobs’s presentation skills. His ability to grab a crowd and capture their imagination always fascinated me – he created presentations as “magical” as the products themselves.

    That said, I do think there is room for discussion about whether or not his methods would work for other types of presentations. The video we watched has some good tips, but it’s important to be careful about which audience you are presenting to. For example, if your audience/content is more professional, it might be best to just present the content with as few frills as possible.

  • As a presenter, Steve Jobs personified the Apple brand’s distinct style of sleekness and simplicity. Jobs is polished, but not too formal. Jobs brings levity to his presentations through his stories and clever humor. And just like the new iPhone he is announcing, Jobs’ presentation is accessible to a wide audience. Jobs does not overcrowd his slides with the minutiae of the iPhone; the Apple founder instead only has a couple of words per slide and one or two images. Jobs knows that the “short and sweet” approach is the way to go because his audience will remember headlines and simplified numbers; sensory overload would only muddle his message. And as Don McMillian showed in his “Life After Death by PowerPoint” presentation, this is true for almost (if not) all presentations. Less is more. Jobs explains that the iPhone will be your phone, iPod, and Internet browser in one device – a concept that consumers can understand and easily see the benefit it provides. Watching him announce the first iPhone a decade ago, it is strikingly evident just how unique Steve Jobs was as a presenter. By adapting some of his presentation skills and putting our own spin on them, maybe we can be just a little as successful and enthralling a presenter as Steve Jobs.

  • Jobs made his mark in the presentation world by using his smile to his advantage and trademarking it during his presentations. By smiling, he was able to connect more to the audience and they were able to better understand the information he was providing. This is especially important for me to personally note as I have had issues in the past with facial expressions during presentations. When smiling, a presentation can come off as much more meaningful and honest rather than a presentation with no emotions.

  • Steven Jobs and his presentations are always simple and direct. He can always hit the key point in one second and express it in a way everyone can understand. The simpler his expression, the more people can understand. Even though he was introducing high-tech products, there was no need to use terminologies to show how advanced they were. His key audience is customer, who did’t need to know the concepts of those technologies. This is one of the key lessons I learned from him, understand your audience and be simple and direct. He used simple language and slides to express what benefits he could bring to his customers. He presented to the world.

  • Jobs utilizes his strengths to give an effective presentation. Specifically, he is a good communicator. He is a storyteller who uses clear, simple language to drive his points and ensure his audience understands the message. Also he is disarming with his use of humor and relaxed presence on stage. Jobs acts casual, comfortable, relatable, and shows enough charisma to make him likable. He is also great at building up anticipation. Not only does the audience expect something big before even sitting down, but he plays off that during his presentation to increase the impact. Most importantly, Jobs has a mastery of the content and organization of his presentation. All of these characteristics help capture the audience’s attention. This all leads me to conclude that not everyone is necessarily effective in, or appropriate to be, giving presentations. Leadership must use the strengths of its people in an area such as this, which will help with overall firm efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Steve Jobs’ approach to presenting for Apple is very typically classic, sensible yet amazing in its’ own way. Jobs initially starts of the presentation using terms or short phrases that describe something phenomenal and out of this world. He then continues on by adding in humor and this is actually magnificent in his own way. He uses the “technology geek” feeling around tech companies and mixes that in with nerdy humor, which comes off as both hilarious yet genius. This helps to capture the complete attention of his audience. After the humor part of his presentation, he then goes on to talk about the functionality and the performance of Apple’s new product, which resonates perfectly to those “big” terms and phrases used during the start. This makes perfect sense in the minds of his audience members and by this time, their attention is all Jobs. The approach is very simple and classic yet amazing due to Job’s clever use of the surrounding environment.

  • Steve Jobs was an amazing presenter that inspired people and entertained them with both his smile and sense of humor. His passion about the products he represented were obvious. His enthusiasm spilled over into the audience. He had a gift of simplifying even the messages about apples products. His single sentence summaries were genius. His presentation skills came natural. The Iphone changed the game in the mobile industry. His presentation made so many people have an open mind to it. I enjoyed watching this and hope to pick up on some presentation skills from him.

  • Steve Jobs’s presentation is just as great as the iPhone itself. He has a great personality that is already attractive to the audience, but his presentation skill is just brilliant and smart. He presented all the breakthroughs iPhone made humbly by comparing iPhone with other smartphones and the features of iPhone clearly stood out. He has great humor and his words never bore the audience. The words on his slides are never more than 6 on each bullet/line, so he keeps it simple but straightforward. For example, he showed the three of most brilliant functions built in iPhone, which are iPod, phone and Internet by telling the audience they were three products at the beginning with the icons and a word underneath, then showed all three functions in a circulating cube of icons telling the audience that the three functions are on one device, which is the iPhone.

  • Steve Jobs’ presentation skill is excellent.
    His speaking is attractive and well organized. Every sentence he spoke just get to the point, no nonsense. During his speaking, he used deliberately paused, stressed the important word and repeated words, all of the speaking skills made his speaking enjoyable and attractive.
    Steve Jobs not just has an impressive speaking skill, his body language is also full of confidence. The big smile, gestures and his confidently standing posture achieved Steve Jobs’ presentation.

  • The components I like the most mentioned in the video is present with key words and big smile. Present with key words can let your audience remember the key point and have an idea about your topic. However, the words will not take much focus from audience. The big smile can make the audience feel relax and also help the presenter be more confident. I am afraid of presenting in front of a group and at the end of this summer, I had to do a final presentation to the Senior Leadership team for my internship. By the time I presented, I smiled at the audience, when I saw them also smiled right back, I felt confident and relax. I was not as nervous as I expected.

  • The thing that grabbed my attention the most about Steve Jobs’ presentation skills was the simplicity of it. His slides contained very few words but they were powerful enough to grab your attention and engage you in the presentation. Steve was full of confidence and it clearly showed because he knew his products were something completely new and had potential to change everything. Another part of his presentations was that you could tell he was having an amazing time up there showing the world what he created. He was constantly smiling and it became contagious to everyone viewing the presentation.

  • What stood out to me about Steve’s presentations was that he let the products speak for themselves. The slides were clean and simple. In this case, less was more and it worked for him and the new products he was introducing to the world. He also smiled a lot during his presentations and that definitely left a lasting impression.

  • Steve Jobs’s presentation as explained was great. After watching the second video I notice how all the points from the first video comes into play with Job’s presentation style. I think Job’s is really good at telling his story and delivering his message to his audience all while keeping his points simple and clear. Job’s is also good with engaging with his audience with humor and anticipation. The thing I learned the most from watching him present is confidence. Steve Jobs is constantly smiling and really believes in the product that Apple produces which spreads that excitement to the audience.

  • Steve Jobs is clearly an expert at product launch presentations to friendly audiences. He obviously mastered the delivery of simplistic presentations with big wow moments and his signature smile.

    The downside of trying to utilize any of the techniques Steve Jobs used in his presentation is that he was so simplistic with his powerpoint that the message would be completely lost without him there explaining his way through it. Having simple slides is definitely a good idea but when you give a presentation many times you email out the slides beforehand or after. Which means your explanation will not be available to help them remember all of your key points.

    Overall If you take a lot of the things Steve Jobs did and tweak them to suit your needs they can absolutely be utilized in a real life situation.

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