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Will Data Breach Overshadows Enterprise Cloud Solutions?

Announced by Oracle, Bank of America would use its cloud-based ERP and financial planning software, and they will run 80% of its technology workloads in the cloud within the next few years. In the article, Oracle reported that its cloud business grew $502 million from the same period a year ago, reflects its success in bringing in new business for its web-based, on-demand computing services, which gains in cloud revenue outpaced declines in its legacy software business. As industry analysts predicted, more organization will use cloud based ERP system. By 2020,  four out of every 10 of large organizations will have at least 60% of their ERP applications in the cloud. However, recent data breach on Equifax, which exposed personal financial information of potentially 143 million Americans, bring up a question we didn’t mention during the class lecture and CIO article, that is will cloud based ERP system bring up new security issue? What’re the challenges when using ERP system to integrate the business without decrease the security level?


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  • I think security is a huge determinant when firms are thinking about switching to cloud based solutions especially with the data breaches that have occurred this year. I think this is a part of the reason why the US government has been weary of moving their core systems to the cloud. Once your data is in the cloud, it is essentially in someone else’s hands.

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