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Don’t worry folks, AI companies are creating jobs with it.

A recent research shows that firms which are investing in smart, automated and self-teaching systems, AKA AI, are creating jobs. In contrast to the theory or our assumption – AI will eliminate human’s jobs, most of the companies that have deployed AI-based systems said there has been no reduction in overall jobs due to AI. Also, even more companies said that deploying AI have led more jobs created, and of course, most of them are AI related. With more companies are going to proactively initiate reskilling employees with new skills to deal with the impact of AI, we as the graduating MIS students should be aware of this opportunity. The demand for AI personnel leads the salary for data scientists and artificial intelligence experts increase significantly, and there are still a lot of vacancies. The true question for us is that how can we sharpen our skills to embrace the incoming AI era?

2 Responses to Don’t worry folks, AI companies are creating jobs with it.

  • I think this a great article. Many famous figures in business are coming out and saying that AI is humans’ biggest threat and that there is a very good chance it will eliminate a decent amount of jobs currently in the world. I think this is positive that a recent research shows that AI is in fact creating jobs, and not eliminating them. Hopefully this will continue to happen and jobs will be created and not destroyed.

  • I like how the article states that instead of looking to replace humans with AI, companies are looking to complement them. Through the article, it definitely seems like AI is going to do be very beneficial for improving customer service. However, I do not think AI can continue to create jobs without losing more. Once companies realize the full potential of AI, they will take a closer look at their costs and eliminate jobs that are not necessary. Looking at banks, fast casual restaurants, and other kiosks, I see machines taking over jobs that were once held by humans. To prepare for this era, I do think it is important for more people to study AI and unlock more of its capabilities. More scholarships and classes should be offered at the university level to engineers and students interested in AI.

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