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Digital Transformation Success

Companies now are launching digital initiatives to expand their capabilities aimed at business efficiency.

According to the Gartner survey for CIOs last year, 2600 of them devoted 18% of budgets to digital transformation., and the number is expected to increase to 28% by 2018.

Another Gartner survey shows 95% of 2160 CIOs who took the survey expected their jobs to change or be remixed due to digitization.

technology trends such as cyber security and artificial intelligence will significantly change how CIOs do their jobs. The role of CIO will become a change leader with increased and border responsibilities and capabilities.

We have some successful stories of digital transformation, like Sprint, JetBlue and other leading organizations.

Do you know some other successful stories and how they worked?

2 Responses to Digital Transformation Success

  • I would consider McDonald’s did a successful digital transformation success. Given the fact that most the MCD’s revenue comes from global markets, a lot of digital transformation success actually happen overseas, for examples, in many countries, they have the kiosks/machine at the restaurants for people to order foods. These machines really help streamline the ordering process when there are too many customers. These machines are also installed at the drive-throughs, making it easier for drivers to order, and reduce of chance of taking wrong orders like what happen in U.S. market. However, MCD didn’t not spent too much on digital transformation in domestic markets.

  • I definitely agree that with the changing landscape of what’s going on in the current world, I would expect to see a lot of change in the role CIOs or even directors play in the organization. And with the focus now being on security, I believe despite shifting focus onto the defensive side of things, its also important to make sure to have other functions in check to prevent any vulnerabilities.

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