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Will 5G be the next disruption in media and entertainment?

According to Forbes, the fifth generation of technology for wireless communication (5G) will be coming soon, and when it comes it will disrupt the media and entertainment industry, because of its fast speed which allows mobile devices to be more capable on streaming. In fact, when 4G was introduced, streaming became more popular and less expensive than downloading content from internet, and it was only after that we have faster speed internet, examples like Netflix, the video streaming service, and Pandora or Spotify, the music streaming service clearly start to grow. I believe that 5G fits into the category of sustaining innovation in Christensen Disruptive Innovation model. Digital content platforms have already been disrupting the traditional media like news paper and television for years, and faster transmission speed can no doubt speed up the disruption process. Furthermore, 5G will also speed up the evolution of user-generated media because of its high uploading speed. Netflix grew so quickly that now it’s producing its own contents “Netflix Originals” to compete with the television broadcasters. I believe that user-generated media like video blogging (or vlogging) can grow just as fast as that, and may be dominating what we watch for entertainment in the future.

What do you think is the next industry that may possibly be disrupted by 5G?


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5 Responses to Will 5G be the next disruption in media and entertainment?

  • I hadn’t heard of 5G before – really interesting! I have definitely seen the rise in popularity of vlogging and this could have an impact on that form of entertainment. Because 5G will make uploading content easier, I wonder if there will be whole new apps and platforms developed just for vlogging. For example, Instagram was started as a separate platform than Facebook for picture posting and sharing; I wonder if there will be an app completely separate from Youtube for vloggers! Speaking of Instagram, I’d be curious to see how 5G will impact Instagram and Facebook.

  • I would love to see what interruption 5G would brought. From 4G, we can see the increase use of video blogging and people watch videos on their mobile devices. And new social apps were developed. I wonder what will happen after 5G is introduced. Is there going to be new social apps? New form of entertaining and communicating methods? I am really interested to see what changes 5G will brought to our life.

  • My member still in the 3G period, right now we even will have 5G speed. I believe 5G speed will disrupt the social media and entertainment industry. Social media platform will develop more contact with video than picture. For example, snapchat will be used more often than Instagram.
    At the same time, the cell phone market will be disrupted. The higher speed means cell phone need developed software.

  • It is surely exciting to know that 5g is in the talks and development! It almost makes me reflect back to a time when getting GPRS connectivity was a premium treatment! To think that we’ve moved from having email access only (through blackberry phones) to full on live video streaming access is just fascinating to hear. And to see that 5g is in the works, I can’t think of anything else that can be done to disrupt such a rapidly developing smartphone industry.

  • I think this is a very interesting article. I have never heard of 5G before but it definitely relates to what we have learned about disruptive innovation. If 5G eventually is released, it will absolutely disrupt the current smartphone industry in which most of them use 4G. Everyone wants things to be done faster and more efficiently, and people will surely gravitate towards 5G products due to that.

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