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Health IT Security Market Expects Significant Growth by 2025

IT security is becoming more and more important within corporations with all of the cyber hacks and data breaches going on. An example of where this is becoming a major issue is in the healthcare industry. Health IT security is needed by organizations to combat cybercrime and ransomware that hospitals and healthcare organizations are susceptible to. The infrastructure and the range of devices used by healthcare organizations provide easy access and pivot points that cybercriminals can expose and attack. The healthcare industry is now being required to do something about this. Ransomware is easily the biggest threat to these hospitals. The technique has the potential to allow hackers to seal access to data until a sum of money is paid to them. These breaches are costing the healthcare industry large amounts of money and change is needed. The key applications of health IT security solutions are found across areas such as endpoint security, content security and network security. The healthcare IT security market is segmented into on-premise, cloud, and hybrid. Europe and North America are the leading contributors to the revenue of the global health IT security market. The digitally and technologically advanced healthcare infrastructures in these regions have been the major focus of cyber attacks. In response to this, these regions are significantly increasing spending on cybersecurity solutions. These regions are expected to remain the leading contributors to the global market in the next few years as well. While much work is still needed, it is clear that the healthcare industry is taking major steps in the war against cybercrime.


4 Responses to Health IT Security Market Expects Significant Growth by 2025

  • I agree with the title that Security is going to expect increased growth over the next decade. Now with the introduction of Blockchain, with further research, I believe it can start being experimented with or prototyped to see if such a different approach can be successfully implemented without loopholes and vulnerabilities.

  • The Healthcare IT Security market is definitely expanding and the recent breaches will only heighten the awareness in the industry and increase the spending on enhancing security. This need for increased security will leave an opening for innovative blockchain technology to possibly taking over the industry if it can prove how secure and reliable it can be.

  • I totally agreed on the importance of healthcare IT security, and the market of it is expected to witness high growth in coming years. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of the healthcare professional is projected to be among the fastest growing occupations groups from 2016 to 2026. The great growth of the market drives derived markets, such as Healthcare IT security market. The healthcare companies and organizations are going to be the target of hackers. The need to assess the current situation of security preparation and implement a much more effective security plan is the key factor driving the global health IT security market.

  • Healthcare IT Security is definitely growing because when people think of cyber security, healthcare is probably the last thing someone thinks of. This is important because a lot of our personal information is stored by healthcare institutions with very sensitive information such as allergies and health conditions. This information should be heavily guarded because of what possibilities can occur if a hacker were to access this information such as infecting harm to another person because of their allergies. The healthcare IT security is really something cyber security should focus on more and could implement innovation blockchain technology to further increase security.

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