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Apple Is Reinventing TV. The Question Is: Why Didn’t The Cable Companies?

This article states that Apple Company is leading in the business world. Apple is going to Reinvent TV instead of cable companies. Apple Inc. is taking interest and trying to find out different kind of possible alternatives. Cable companies are filled with talented staff members but they still didn’t come up any new idea. This article said that cable companies should replace their staff with disruptive innovators so, they can do better work and come with new ideas. Also, the cable companies should think about their past work and doing same kind of work in the coming era.  Now time is changed, but the cable companies still applying the same strategies which will not be beneficial any more in this era as well as in the future. Only in USA consumers are satisfied and system is growing every year. Furthermore, today people are using internet for leisure activities instead of cable lines. Most of the cable companies are going in loss from 2013 because they don’t have internet facilities except Dish Network corp. To recapitulate, there is no any cable company which can beat apple. At this point there is only dish competitor of Apple Inc. 

How to Deliver an Effective Business Presentation


Much like we’ve gone over in our dry runs last week in class, we’ve learned how to deliver an effective business presentation.  Cramming multiple bullet points into one slide is not the way to do it, and neither is extensive and in depth charts or figures.  This article presents 35 tips for delivering an effective presentation, several of which we can take away for next week’s presentations.  The first one mentioned is to test the gear and audio equipment before hand (use your 9 minutes wisely next Monday!)  Are there any tips not included in the article that you think should be listed?  What are some bad takeaways that you have seen from other presentations?



Effective Performance Reviews

As many of us prepare to enter the workforce very soon, performance reviews are going to become a fact of life.   You will receive them about your performance, and most likely have to give them reviewing other employee’s performance down the road.  This article highlights some important feedback about performance reviews that you should consider.  Some of the key takeaways from these are that you should solicit feedback from other employees who work closely with the employee that you are evaluating.  Also, you should consider asking how you can be a better manager, and how often you should receive feedback on an employee’s progess without them feeling like they are being micromanaged.  Of course, you must also consider both positive and negative events, and not just the most recent ones.

What are some other aspects of a writing a good performance review?  What can you do to ensure that you will receive a good performance review?


Project Risk Management


This article outlines five risks that entrepreneurs face.  Each tip significantly relates to the work of a business analyst and the work we’ve done throughout the past couple semesters when analyzing solutions for businesses and the potential risks that could arise.  The first one mentioned is learning to accept and embrace the uncertainty, an aspect that is absolutely necessary when using integrative thinking to come up with a solution.  The article then discusses weighing chance properly, seizing opportunities, and how entrepreneurs should work by themselves for themselves.

Do you agree that individuals should start out on their own as opposed to starting for a larger company?  What other tips could business analysts consider when creating business solutions?



“Your devices are spying on you”


Much like our Big Data group has discussed as well as the rest of the class throughout the year, we all know our devices are collecting massive amounts of data about us.  Through our apps and purchases online, more and more data becomes available about us to third parties, who use this information to predict consumer data and give a tailored marketing experience to customers online.  However, this information can also be used by hackers.  This blog from Slice Communications highlights the internet of things as discussed in class, and also lists this website: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/6680-business-presentation-tips.html which gives tips and tutorials to mitigate your online presence.  It is definitely worth the read if you are looking to manage the amount of sensitive data available to third parties.

What tips do you have to mitigate your online presence?



Google’s Self-Driven Car Tests

This is a blog that an individual posted after riding around in a Google self-driven car.  For me personally, it would be difficult to put my life in the hands of this technology as I think there are too many variables on the road for the software to always be correct.  However, we as humans are flawed and might text, fall asleep or drink and drive. While this can negatively affect our driving, and after considering the points mentioned in the article, would you feel more comfortable letting software take over?  If autonomous cars were to dominant the car industry, what could taxi drivers and other similar services like Uber do to still stay in business?


Here is also an interesting video clip that shows the first self-driven car tester, who is legally blind.



Apple and IBM Health Platform


Apple and IBM are teaming up with a new big data health platform.  This partnership could lead to further advances in healthcare as IBM’s data analytics could gain access to real time activity and biometric data from millions of people who use Apple products around the world.  Data gets collected through sensors on the devices and it is even estimated that data available to the healthcare industry will be doubling every 73 days.  While there can be enormous health benefits for individuals who choose to participate in this collection of data through their privacy settings, many people might be skeptical or releasing their private information to these gigantic companies.

Would you feel comfortable with your medical information being collected in real time?  Why or why not?



Big Data Solutions

As the majority of us are graduating the work force, it will be useful to employ the analytical skills we developed through the MIS curriculum to solve real life problems.  As many of us will enter the workforce as business analysts, here are four skills to keep in mind when dealing with big data.  You must understand the problem, understand how the product fits in the customer’s environment, build upon open source and cloud technologies, and lastly provide a short-term payback ROI.

Do you agree with the tips listed?  Are there any other words of advice that you’ve learned from your classes that could help you develop business solutions?


Security Pros are Doing it All Wrong

According to RSA security, IT security pros aren’t doing the best they can to secure their networks. The chief of RSA outlined five things that companies should be doing to protect themselves from a breach. He noted that companies are still using old frameworks and used the analogy:  “We have sailed off the map, my friends,” Yoran says. “Sitting here and awaiting instructions? Not an option. And neither is what we’ve been doing – continuing to sail on with our existing maps even though the world has changed.” He also mentioned that no security method is 100% foolproof because everything can fail. One thing he mentioned that makes sense to me is that he said that when an intrusion is detected, it is dealt with immediately without consideration whether it’s part of a larger attack. He said this is bad because if it is part of a larger attack, intruders will find out how they can go undetected. While all this makes sense, it is slightly contrary to what people have been doing all along. If you knew how to do your job and it has been working out for you, and an industry professional called you out on your flawed processes, how would you react? 


Design your own toys



The joint initiative will provide a new experience by combining physical toys with digital adventures. An upcoming series of apps will empower consumers to imagine, design and customize their own toys, and help to make the toys real through 3D printing.  As a kid there were many times when I thought of a toy that should be made but my favorite toy companies never had the same ideas as me.  Mattel and Autodesk are teaming up to give you the chance to create your own 3D printed toy through an online hub.  This could eliminate the disappointment in all the hearts of kids that always wanted the chance.

Do you think this idea could become a huge event?

Could this idea end up hurting the two companies?

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