MIS4596 – Tony Messina – Section 002 – Spring 2016

Steve Jobs Presentation Skills

In class we watched the following you tube posted analysis of Steve Jobs presentation skills.  The analysis focused on the introduction of the I-phone.  A link to the I-phone presentation is also attached.


27 Responses to Steve Jobs Presentation Skills

  • Steve Jobs was a brilliant marketer, and his speaking skills were a display of that.

  • I don’t have a high opinion of him as a person but Steve Jobs certainly knew how to deliver an effective presentation. Every aspect including pacing, non-verbal cues, powerful images, and persuasive copywrite were all considered and perfected in order to create some of the most impressive press conferences of our time.

  • Steve Jobs has set the standard for modern presentations.

  • No doubt that Steve Jobs was a one of a kind entrepreneur and marketer. But also lets not forget that there was a lot of engineers and developers behind him that made it all possible.

  • I feel that Steve Jobs ability to connect with his audience helped make his presentation skills far more effective. He created an environment where his audience felt motivated to explore new technology. In an industry where cutting edge technology products can be viewed upon as intimidating to the everyday user, his simplistic approach to captivate the audience worked extremely well with the target audience.

  • Steve Jobs’ presentation was marvelous and brilliant. First, he used the nostalgic factor/technique by reminding the audience of the past successful products he and Apple have created. His flow and tempo throughout the presentation was impeccable as well, Jobs maintained a fairly consistent tempo to have the audience fully engaged. Steve Jobs followed his presentation agenda by presenting iPod and phone features as he had listed in the very beginning. Most important of all, he summarized his talking points in a slide at the end of every showcase.

  • Steve Jobs has a very interesting reputation. Some people view him as a visionary and an extremely brilliant inventor, while other see him as a harsh leader and a double-crosser. Either way, he was a phenomenal presenter. He was able convey his vision and his ideas in a way that made the public excited, and led his company to be a leader in the stock market. This video does a great job of showing his strategy and what led him to show such effective presentations.

  • Steve Jobs is known for shaping the path of innovation and vision behind Apple. It wasn’t until this video that I noticed how particular he is with presenting new Apple products – black turtle neck and jeans, simple black presentation background, iPhone application icons and a few words. He does an excellent job getting the point across without having to visually represent it with a bunch of images, keeping the audience focused on what he has to say. I think another big name, like Mark Zuckerberg, is another person to learn from with presentations. Here’s a video I found that represents a similar Steve Jobs:

    • looks like Zuck adheres to many of the same principles. his smile was more genuine. Steve’s looked devious.

  • Steve Job’s presentation was not only informative, but engaging and kept the audience entertained and intrigued. It’s also amazing to see how far the iPhone has come in the past few years, and how the phone will continue to develop and grow in the future.

  • This video did a great job of demonstrating how effective a solid presentation can be. Jobs did an excellent job of connecting with his audience and keeping them engaged with an interactive presentation. At no point did it feel like the audience was disinterested, and you could tell that Jobs was as excited as the audience throughout the entire presentation.

  • I think what made Steve Jobs (and everyone else as a matter of fact) a great presenter was his passion for what he was presenting. He put all of his efforts into Apple and he knew what the products they were releasing at the time were revolutionary. This gave him enough confidence to express himself properly and grab the attention of the audience. I’ve presented in front of a lecture hall of around 100 students two years ago and it was to recruit for an organization I was in at the time, United Students Against Sweatshops, and I was perfectly comfortable presenting because I was very passionate about the organization and my efforts within it.

  • Steve Jobs had a great talent when it came to public speaking. His style was very simplistic but at the same time very concise and able to tell the full story. He sold his products through short stories which were able to capture the audience effectively. I find that what his secret was focusing on the main message and enthusiastic attitude.

  • Steve Jobs led a fantastic yet enigmatic life. Even though the movie ‘Steve Jobs’ was a mere glimpse into his life and career, it portrayed him as a regular person rather than this mythical hero that some build him up to be. I think that his personality shows in his presentations. He’s able to relate to his audience while maintaining a professional demeanor and always sticking on topic. That is a great way to present and it obviously worked well.

  • I think Steve is a perfect example of how important it is to be a great presenter. You can have the best product in the world but if you cant produce an effective presentation on it, it may flop.

  • The best part of the presentation which wasn’t put into a bullet point is the careful arrangement of the presentation to allow the audience to invent the iPhone before he actually announced it. “An iPod, a phone, an internet communicator. Are you getting it?” Jobs’ initial misdirect of 3 devices lowered the expectation of the audience. Then he followed it up with a puzzle for the audience to solve, accidentally inventing the iPhone in their minds. If I had to bullet point this, it’d probably be as -Audience Engagement.

  • Steve Jobs is an amazing presenter, his ability to keep the audience entertained while simultaneously showcasing the iPhones features is very impressive. His presentation strategies are subtle, yet extremely effective. Throughout the entire presentation the audience does not lose interest and genuinely seems to be fully engrossed in what Jobs has to show/say.

  • I always felt that Steve Jobs had mastered the art of presentation and video solidified that thought. By combining six different techniques he was able to captivate audiences and keep their attention throughout his long presentations. This is really something that many people are unable to do in this day and age , and it really shows how strong of a presenter Steve was.

  • Apple presentations are considered the best for a reason – they are well thought–out and well executed. Steve seemed confident and excited to introduce Apple’s new product to the audience. It wasn’t a “death by PowerPoint” either – slideshow was supported by product demoes. Live demoes are risky (many things can go wrong, especially with prototype), but when they go smooth they have a bigger effect on the audience.

  • I enjoy when people have the ability to “translate” a highly technical solution such as an iPhone into such simple terms that everyone can understand. I enjoy the excitement that Steve brought to the room and he was able to hold undivided attention in his audience.

  • These videos do a great job of showing the simplicity behind memorable presentations.

  • Both videos are a great demonstration of how a presentation should be properly executed. Steve Jobs had a gift for being able to engage his audience and keep their attention at all time. He created a strong connection with his audience that made them feel the same enthusiasm and excitement about the product as himself. Overall, these videos were quite informative and entertaining, and look forward to utilizing the same skills in the upcoming project.

  • Steve Jobs was an incredibly talented presenter. Through his strong presentation style and simple but power visualizations, he was able to engage with audiences in a memorable way. Jobs was able to speak about new and innovative products in a way that anyone could understand, which I believe really helped to garner all of the excitement and loyalty around Apple products.

  • Steve Jobs really was one of the greatest presenters. He was able to present his ideas in a simple to understand and memorable way that allowed the audience to really connect with the presentation and the product. Many people try to imitate his presentation style, but few are as effortless and successful.

  • Steve is great at presenting

  • Steve Jobs’ commencement speech is one of my favorite videos to watch. In what appears to be such a simple speech about his life, his underlying messages are very inspirational and have played a large part in how I view innovation.

  • Steve Job’s made presentations look effortless. He is very convincing & inspiring.

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