MIS4596 – Tony Messina – Section 002 – Spring 2016

Real Concern about IoT

iot-devices-not-secure-644x250The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a much faster rate than other connected devices, such as smart phones or tablets. Gartner estimates that the internet of things installed base will grow to 26 billion units by 2020, and will generate over $300 billion in revenue. However, the internet is inherently insecure, so as the world becomes increasingly connected, IoT is vulnerable to hacking. A few key areas for concern are in vehicles, homes, and industrial controls. It is crucial that IoT designers keep privacy and criminal implications at the heart of the design of these new technologies.

The most unsettling concern about IoT is that we cannot predict the potential real-life impact it will have. As IoT becomes more widely adopted, we will likely see some of the hidden consequences. To combat these issues, security professional Josh Corman has started a movement “I am the calvary,” which is intended to “act as a hub for vulnerability research that affects four areas: medical devices, automobiles, home services and public infrastructure,” and will give altruistic researchers a place to share findings.

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