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Steve Jobs Presentation Skills

In class we watched the following you tube posted analysis of Steve Jobs presentation skills.  The analysis focused on the introduction of the I-phone.  A link to the I-phone presentation is also attached


24 Responses to Steve Jobs Presentation Skills

  • I think that his way of presenting is great because he makes himself personable by smiling so much and telling short stories that the audience can connect with. I think that he is very smart for being so enthusiastic about his products because when the person presenting is so passionate and excited about what they are talking about, that energy translates to the audience and makes them excited about the product as well. The simplicity of his presentation communicates the most basic, yet most important points to his audience. At no point does he get into any information that is too technical, he kept the presentation clear, simple, and to the point. He is a passionate presenter that makes the audience believe in both him and his product. I think is strong suit is knowing his audience and what they are interested in and I think it worked well for him.

  • There is no denying that Steve Jobs was a master at grabbing your attention while presenting. All of his presentation skills noted in the first video, were evident when he announced the first iPhone. I particularly liked how he initially stated Apple was releasing three new products. A widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a break through internet communications device. After saying all of this, he noted that it actually wasn’t three separate devices, it was all one device and the crowd applauded loudly with excitement. He even mixed in humor during his presentation. This was my first time watching the release of the first iPhone and I must say that he had my full attention for the duration of the video due to his presentation techniques.

  • Steve Jobs was able to effectively captivate his audiences throughout all of his keynote speeches. Jobs was always able to tell a story through his speeches and the iPhone announcement in 2007 was no different. There were three key strategies that Jobs used during his speech that stood out to me: 1. He kept a limited number of pictures per slide/presentation 2. He incorporated humor into his storytelling like presentation that kept the audience attentive and 3. Jobs had a controlled and sensible about of animations throughout his presentation. All in all, Steve Jobs was able to give such memorable speeches because he was passionate about topics and made sure they catered to the audience.

  • Steve Jobs utilized a strategy that identifies where people are. We are in an age where people are trying to grab a hold of more TIME. Time is why people are using Uber, Hello Fresh, Amazon and Youtube. We want things faster. People prefer a text over a phone call so they can decide when to respond. With this being said Mr. Jobs presents his ideas in a simple form. People want to be entertained quickly (the story), they want to see the value (what your product can do for them) and they want the conversation to be real (personality-effective communication). Less is better if you can tell the story to the audience and capture their attention. Once you lose the audience, you lost them.
    His presentation similar to social media; You Scroll to find what is interesting, Stop, Is it worth my time, Is it for me, then make a decision to engage or leave. Mr. Jobs is focused, direct and engaging which makes the presentation effective.

  • Steve Jobs is a presenter everyone can learn from. His presentations tell a story and keep the audience engaged, all while getting a main point across. I think one of the most important things Steve Jobs does in these above presentations is keep it simple. While he could easily go in depth about the technology involved in his products, he is sure to keep it at a level that all audiences will understand. Additionally, his passion for what he is presenting allows him to fully engage with the audience. As a viewer, I could feel his passion and it made me want to keep watching. Steve Jobs made sure to be direct, humorous, and passionate all in the same presentation – a strategy that we all can learn from.

  • Steve Jobs’s presentation is very fundamental and hits the key points in which we have learned in Business Communications. He keeps his slides interesting and very basic, making sure to further explain the slide without putting all the information in which he is trying to convey on the slide. He also makes sure to open and recap different categories, making sure to continuously remind his audience just exactly where they are within the presentation and what they are listening to. Jobs presents very well just by following the basics of presenting along with making sure to present the proper body language to engage his audience.

  • Steve job’s presentations are phenomenally simple, elegant, and direct to the point with what he is trying to convey. He believes in the product he is presenting rather than trying to sell what the product will do for the consumers. He keeps his slides simple so people can admire the presentation while he speaks passionately about the product he is introducing. He keeps the presentation relevant to what a consumer would make a decision based on certain personal comparisons. Also the bold words that he chooses to use over and over again throughout the presentation keeps the audiences focus to the product’s most important features.

  • Steve Jobs was very good at presenting things, he made Apple famous for his ability to take something that another company had already done and act like Apple was first or did it better. For instance, in his iPhone announcement, BlackBerrys were great smartphones, but he was able to make it seem like the iPhone was so much better.
    The reason he was so succesful was because he knew what would capture people’s attention and he was able to communicate the major points in a simple, easy to understand way.

  • Steve Job’s presentation style is very engaging because it elicits attention from the audience through minimal screen use. The images he utilizes are bold, but require further explanation, which he provides. The simplistic use of images (visual aids) augments the speech part of the presentation. He is also able to describe apple products with an enthusiasm and sense of grandeur that the audience is captured by. The experience around the presentation, that of exclusivity and discovery, is something that stood out to me. It made the presentation so immersive and felt as though I was witnessing something groundbreaking

  • Steve Jobs has always been a great presenter. He has gained plenty of experience over the years at various keynotes unveiling Apple products. He uses appropriate vocabulary that captures the audience’s attention and keeps them engaged the entire time. His use of body language also flows with whatever he is talking about which makes his delivery more effective. Coupled with that is a presentation that is appealing to look at. Steve Jobs carries Apple’s “less is more” design language into his presentations. The slides use large text and an image that takes up the majority of the screen. Some slides are strictly an image as he explains what he is talking about. There are a lot of slides but this is effective because it does not put strain on the eye with too much information. Jobs is an effective speaker because of what he believes of Apple as a company and of what will work for consumers. He is persuasive in his presentation which gives the audience the confidence that Jobs knows what he is talking about. Overall, he is an excellent speaker and presenter that one can learn a lot from in just a short period of time.

  • Steve Job’s is a talented presenter who presents in a storytelling manner that captivates his audience. Job’s keeps his presentations very minimal and simplistic, yet his presentations maintains a high level of sophistication at all times. His slides always highlighted what the audience needed to know and nothing more. By keeping his decks short and sweet, Job’s was able to keep his audience engaged and interested. Although the slides are the main focus of the audience, the main selling point was actually him as a presenter. Job’s always expressed passion and enthusiasm in his presentations and that is what made him an expert presenter.

  • I think the way that Steve Job’s is able to grab the audience’s attention is by his simple storytelling ability. He uses recognizable simple pictures with clear text for the audience to understand the messages that he is delivering in each slide. Job’s uses humor to make sure the audience is still engaged with what he is saying. Job’s is also able to use the slides as a complementary device to everything that he is saying which provides the audience a visual representation of each point he’s is trying to express.

  • Simple, engaging, and passion-filled are few of the many words used to describe Steve Jobs’ presentation style. Each slide he presents doesn’t require too much detail to get his point across. He highlights the main reason for each slide in order to keep the audience engaged and does so with minimal text and a visual. This makes everything he talks about interesting and straightforward. He doesn’t fill slides with nonsense to confuse the audience. Job’s passion for his products and for presenting has always showed in his presentations and is the reason why he was successful doing so.

  • Steve Jobs was very talented in making products and presentations simple. He pushed to simplify a product for an ease of use for consumers. This simplicity was translated into his presentations very nicely as he went for more visual presentations and used less words for his slides. He was able to portray a simple description and make his presentation memorable without going into details that his viewers would not understand. The simplicity also helps keep the viewers engaged because they are able to follow him and understand what he is talking about while his simple style also keeps the presentation quick and efficient so that he does not lose the audience’s attention.

  • Steve Jobs uses his compelling ability to storytell to capture his audience. Jobs keeps his presentation simple so the audience can understand while being passionate at same time which engages the audience emotionally. The slides he uses contain visuals and simple text just enough to get his point across to the audience. Jobs never gets too technical and keeps a smile at all times showing his passion for his product which makes the audience more willing to buy into it. Steve Jobs’ use of humor, story telling, elegance, simplicity, and passion during his presentation was phenomenal and made me want to continue watching. We all could learn a lot from the presentation style of Steve Jobs.

  • Steve Jobs is a captivating presenter due to his effective use of simplicity in his images and minimal use of words shown on screen. His presentations have few words and pictures but remain powerful due to his delivery. Each new slide or idea that he introduces has only a few points that he then solidifies with key words/phrases and simple, sleek images. This style of presentation works especially well for Jobs because it reflects his entire brand and the products that he is presenting on.

  • Steve Jobs is an extremely talented presenter who is able to capture the audience’s attention, and more importantly, keep their attention throughout the presentation. He keeps both his explanations and slides simple, yet is still able to get his main point across to the audience clearly and without confusion. Steve Jobs understood what people wanted and was passionate when presenting these ideas. This passion adds value to the product and shows that a lot of time and effort went into designing and creating it, which in turn is reassuring for the consumer.

  • Steve Jobs is a very talented presenter. He doesn’t read off a script, but he tries to personalize the presentation to the audience. He emphasizes the important points and highlights only the needed details. His words create a picture for the audience which gives them a visual on the big picture. He keeps the audience attentive and focused on what he is saying. He doesn’t go into mundane details which the audience will not care about, but goes straight to the point.

  • Steve Jobs was a great storyteller which allowed him to set up his speeches and product launch presentations as stories. He gives you just enough detail such as a simple picture of memorable phrase. As the presentation builds these detail items build and culminates into his “main event” such as the new iPhone. Jobs is working the audience in the same fashion as a drama keeping the audience engaged and focused. Combined with his signature black turtle neck and New Balance 990’s he developed a “brand” for his presentations so the audience knew what to expect.

  • When I hear the terms IPod or IPhone, Steve Jobs automatically comes to mind. His talent and passion while presenting can be seen in almost every presentation he gives. It is easy to see how he is one of the best presenters of our time. One of the most significant things that he does while presenting is keeping the slides simple, yet really hammering home the significance of what he’s talking about. He is also always happy and excited while presenting, which helps the audience to connect with him and kept interest in the presentation. I think that it will be extremely beneficial to start modeling future presentations off of Steve Job’s model!

  • Steve Jobs is one the greats when it came to captivating his audience and generating buzz around his products. I loved how he always ended his presentations with “…One last thing” that always seemed to cause an uproar in the audience. Jobs presentations were cookie cutter but he always delivered every single time. Its interesting to watch how the tech industry conducts presentations after the passing Jobs. Alot of people come close but they don’t come to replicating the process created by Jobs.

  • He’s very good at getting across a message using light, simple slides. The audience doesn’t have a chance to lose focus on the presentation because he’s not going on and on about details that ultimately aren’t important to the message. His slides have very little visual information for the audience to consider, which allows them to stay focused on the speaker. He uses his presentations to make the audience feel something, rather than just think about something. I know a lot of presentations I’ve been a part of were not enthusiastic the whole way through, and you can see what this does to the audience’s attention span. Keeping decks simple and engaging the audience with a story instead of a presentation makes a huge difference.

  • Steve Jobs has a real talent for presentation. I can see that he uses some of the techniques we learned in the Business communication class. He does not read off a script, and knows how to grab his audience’s attention. He goes straight to the most important points and doesn’t go into too much details. He makes sure to continuously remind his audience where they are within the presentation. It was particularly interesting how he first announced the release of three device , and then later notes that it wasn’t three device and was all one device, which was exiting for the crowd. This video was interesting due to Steve Jobs exceptional presentation skills including his body language, his explanations, and his ability to keep his audience focused on him.

  • Steve Jobs has proven to be one of the greatest presenter in his field, with the ability to capture the audience and them engaged with his simple but yet powerful slides and transition which makes it hard for the audience to be distracted from outside thoughts. His smile, casually outfit and body language traps you in engaging with warm smiles back.

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