MIS4596-Tony Messina-Sec 002-Spring 2017

Hybrid ERP Systems

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In class we talked about how important ERP systems are for companies. This is especially true now that most, if not all, companies have implemented an ERP system. With advancements in technology and internet speed, some companies have started to move parts of their ERP systems into the cloud, these are called hybrid ERP systems and are the new big thing for ERP systems. Companies are able to move “standard” ERP applications into the cloud, but must keep any custom applications on the premises so they can access their custom code. Moving to the cloud (software as a service) allows companies to save money, but they will first need to sort out any integration issues that will unavoidably arise when moving part of their ERP system to the cloud.

Do you think a lot of companies will be interested in hybrid ERP systems and will a lot of them make the switch?
Will there eventually be a day when ERP systems are entirely in the cloud?

Source: http://searchmanufacturingerp.techtarget.com/feature/Which-hybrid-ERP-business-processes-should-you-move-to-the-cloud

One Response to Hybrid ERP Systems

  • To answer Kevin’s first question, I do think companies will be interested in hybrid ERP systems but not too many may make the switch anytime soon. Most larger companies seem to be stagnant and have a hard time being agile and adapting to modern issues and implementing modern technology. I feel that most established companies have too much legacy software/hardware in which needs to be converted to make the switch easily. I do feel as though newer companies who are recently starting up may implement these new hybrid systems into their architecture.

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