MIS4596-Tony Messina-Sec 002-Spring 2017

Small Businesses and the Cloud


It is well known that cloud computing is the way of the future for businesses. Typically, we see the cloud being utilized by large companies and enterprises. However, there is a compelling argument building for smaller businesses to utilize the capabilities of the cloud for some of their needs as well. Cloud services can reduce the amount of internal IT resources needed and time spent managing them. Some other benefits for small businesses include improved collaboration and communication, easier integration, improved flexibility, ability to work from anywhere, and secured data. These are compelling reasons for small businesses to utilize the cloud.

How important do you think the cloud is for businesses today and are there any reasons for small businesses to not utilize cloud services?

Is it practical for all types of businesses to utilize cloud services?

In the future, do you think businesses that do not use cloud services will fall behind competitors that do use them?

Article: http://www.tomsitpro.com/articles/small-business-cloud-computing-benefits,2-1040.html

4 Responses to Small Businesses and the Cloud

  • While leveraging cloud can bring about many benefits to an organization, it is not for all businesses. A small business that plans to expand should begin to think about cloud, because it follows a pay-as-you-grow model for pricing. As a result, small businesses would pay for how much of a certain public cloud service (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS) they utilize and with the current needs of their business. The enhanced collaboration that cloud services provide allow for workers to integrate different functionalities seamlessly, which could be difficult to replicate via other mediums, like email to communicate. Most companies tend to grow, in terms of employees and customers, so thinking of the uses of cloud early on can help a business to more strategically lay out its key business processes. Companies who fail to implement cloud as they grow will be forgoing profit from devoting time and resources to trained IT staff who will do what cloud does. Additionally, they will also leave revenue on the table from not innovating through the collaborative capabilities of cloud. Lastly, any company wishing to globalize on any scale would be at a disadvantage without cloud.

  • Cloud offers many benefits for businesses across the spectrum. As stated in class it will reduce upfront cost, offer easye of scalability and allow businesses to pay for the services they need based on individual requirements. Small businesses may not have a need to utilize the cloud when business functionality is within a small environment. If the business is small enough it can use 1,2 or 3 computer systems that will get the job done. File sharing, collaboration and cloud resources may not be required because an email or USB transfer may work. But there is the cost of buying the software needed to do business. The measure needed to be looked at is cost comparison between using and not using the services. I think that businesses are going to move towards a dependency on cloud services but there is going to be a some form of breech or problem that creates fear where the businesses start to house their own server. Maybe businesses will create their own cloud that they will protect but their cloud will be in a smaller network. Possibly shared between a minimum number of people with access(like a private network). This may remove the BIG ‘target’ size. When companies are compromised we are seeing that a large number of records are being compromised. Maybe this is to say that smaller companies are less interesting for the hackers.

  • I believe that cloud services can be so conveniently for many different types of businesses and all businesses should use it to maximize their productivity. many features from file sharing to working simultaneously with others can help business grow with how they do business. Businesses will be able to work wherever and whenever. I don’t necessarily think that businesses that do not use cloud services will fall behind from competitors. I believe if a company is working more efficiently in-house and every business has their own culture that will lead to success.

  • I think cloud services are beneficial for a lot of businesses large and small. While it may not be necessary for all businesses to use the cloud, I feel it certainly would benefit them to begin using them because of the flexibility it provides in both price, scalability, and customization. For a small business who is looking to expand in the future, it may be the most efficient way for them to continue to grow as a company. Also, the ability to collaborate across departments and on various projects while also providing the option to work from virtually anywhere is a huge advantage and can help your business run more efficiently. While I don’t think companies who choose not to use the cloud will be irrelevant, I do believe they may begin to fall behind competitors who choose to utilize cloud services.

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