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Big Data In Sports

In today’s world of sports, data is being collected everywhere. From sports management and broadcasting to gaming and fantasy companies, data is being collected and used in a variety of ways to both make money and improve the overall experience. Teams utilize statistics to analyze players, build teams, and determine their strategies. Management analyzes data in order to improve ticket sales, merchandising, and marketing. Coaches keep track of data on training, diet, and overall health to help their players to learn and excel. It seems the entire sports world revolves around the collection, analysis, and utilization of data.

Do you think big data is being used to it’s fullest potential in the sports world?

Do you see any uses of data that have not been adopted yet in the sports world?

Do you think the sports industry would survive if it took a step back from its reliance on big data?

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6 Responses to Big Data In Sports

  • I currently don’t believe that big data is being used to its full potential because many teams still haven’t used big data statistics. They also don’t eep track of many metrics or have advisors that specialize in statistics, big data in sports, or predictive analysis.

    I feel that alot of the metrics that have been created in the more recent years such as player efficiency, collisions, and also player efficiency assisting other players. It would be helpful if teams implemented sensors to keep track of player improvement over time with personal heat maps to see how players were improving or not improving.

    I feel that there will always be a competition between finding skilled players through scouting and using pure reliance on big data. However, the combination of using big data in sports with an experienced scouting team could result in many Championships with trial and error. I believe that over time the reliance of big data will be adopted into all aspects of sports but never over the human eye until their metrics to track performance in pressure situation etc.

  • – I don’t think big data is being used to its potential in sports BUT its pretty damn close. Sports teams are starting to employ data scientists and statisticians. Search for “Houston Rockets Statisticians” and you will see positions with the team looking for candidates with big data experience. Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Rockets, holds a computer science degree and a MBA from MIT. Before his tenure with Houston he was the SVP for the Celtics and also spent years as a statistical consultant with STATS Inc. He co founded the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference. The term “Moreyball” has been coined in reference to other NBA teams who have taken a statistical approach to evaluate talent.
    – SportsVu cameras are used by every NBA team that collects data at a rate of 25 times per second and follows the ball and every player on the court. SportsVu allows teams to track player movements on the court in real-time. The Golden State Warriors have been using sensors in practice for the past two years. These sensors are attached to the player and also to the net that measure the player jump acceleration, vertical height, rotation, and hang time. The Warriors director of athletic performance, Keke Lyles, collects questionnaires from players every morning that measures soreness, sleep quality and fatigue. One of the advantages by the Warriors having all of this data is for the ability for them to notice fatigue or overuse earlier. This can result in strategic rest for players, which is also hot topic in the NBA today.
    – Of course the sports industry would survive if there was no big data. It would just be harder for team’s scouting department to efficiently find talent. A lack of big data would lead to higher risk of player getting injured. The question is will fantasy sports survive?

  • I do not see big data used to its full potential in sports because currently in the NBA only a few teams base their decisions off analytics. Many teams right now base their decisions from the points the play scores, the defense they bring, or the little things they do. They do not see if this players data can contribute positively or negatively to a team. The Houston Rockets for an example base many of their decisions on analytics and they have put a team that works perfectly with their super star play James Harden. They do not have many big names, but the team works effectively together.

    I do not see any adoption that has not been implemented in sports. Teams that use data use the injury risk that a player has, the best spot a player can be the effective at, the type of defenses that are most effective on teams, and etc. There are so many different data that is being used in sports.

    I do not believe the sports industry will be affect too much from not using big data. As long as people have the desire to watch the different sports, people will still support it.

  • 1. Do you think big data is being used to it’s fullest potential in the sports world?

    I think big data is being used at near its fullest potential. Big data has changed the NBA game, football teams pro and collegiate are using sports science that leverages big data to ensure peak performance from nutrition and sleep. Furthermore, they are putting sensors in the helmets and pads to further track the players. Even motorsports are collecting mountains of data and acting on it in real time.

    2. Do you see any uses of data that have not been adopted yet in the sports world?


    3. Do you think the sports industry would survive if it took a step back from its reliance on big data?

    Yes. Big data is a tool, but in sports like football and hockey data doesn’t tell the whole story. You have to be able to see the attributes that cannot be measured quantitatively such as chemistry. You can have a team with great data points, but lacks chemistry.

  • Do you think big data is being used to it’s fullest potential in the sports world?
    -I feel that big data is not being utilized to its fullest potential within the sports world. I believe that we have only “scratched the surface” in data usage when its comes to sports. Although I do not have ways in which we can better use the data, I feel that there is an incredible amount of potential in data usage. A key aspect of the sports world that I feel data could be better utilized is injuries. I feel that just as Cirque du Soleil uses data to predict injuries to performers, sports teams could use data to predict when it is best to rest a player to avoid major injuries.

  • The idea that data plays a role on sports teams isn’t new, and the number of teams relying on data and the level to which they are doing so both seem to be growing. Perhaps one of the most memorable stories (largely because it made it to the big screen) was the unlikely success of Billy Beane and the low-budget Oakland A’s (Moneyball). But the new age of analytics in sports is about more than an explosion of stats or a new management role; it will actually reshape longstanding norms around communication and coaching. Coaches can look at actions as specific as “Left foot shots on target” and “Right foot blocked shots” and see if they were more likely to lead to winning or losing, which allows for specific changes in practice habits, player decision and more.

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