MIS4596-Tony Messina-Sec 002-Spring 2017

Security of Big Data

Big Data, Big Challenges – Keeping Your Information Safe

Big data has become one of the biggest trends through the years, with the number of businesses collecting big data increasing by 58% in 2013. Securing this data has become one of the main problems of having and managing big data. It is costly to add security practices, but breaches are more costly. Network breaches of Target and Sony have cost these companies $1.1 billion and $171 million dollars respectively. These breaches have put pressure on companies to protect their data, and for some companies, their data is always increasing/changing. There are also issues with assigning the right people to access the systems, a single point of breach can lead to vulnerabilities to the whole system. With many systems using a distribution model for big data, there are concerns of multiple points of vulnerabilities and securing the transfer of data through these systems can become a challenge.

There are practices that can be implemented to secure data. The addition of security software and real-time monitoring software can detect intrusions. Companies can also monitor and analyze audit logs to see what is happening to their systems and what attacks are being launched on the systems. Finally, managing privileges and access while having strong passwords and limited password attempts can prevent unauthorized access.

  1. Can companies fully protect themselves from cyber attacks like the ones on Target and Sony?
  2. Would you trust companies with your data? If not, what would you want them to do to earn your trust?
  3. What are other preventive measures you would implement to protect big data?

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