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The Coming Augmented Reality Land Grab

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Two of Silicon Valley’s biggest companies are secretly working on augmented reality. Those two companies being Facebook and Apple. Facebook has went public about their efforts.  They plan on releasing info about their augmented reality efforts through their F8 developer conference in the upcoming month. Apple has yet to publicly announce its AR work, but Tim Cook has made massive hints at the technology in the past. AR gives Apple the opportunity to once again release a genre defining product, something the company hasn’t done since the iPad.

Article Link: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/facebook-apple-and-the-coming-augmented-reality-land-grab-cm763194


1. It is rumored that for the iPhone 8, AR will be a huge feature. What are your thought on your phone having AR capabilities?

2. Do you think AR will make day-to-day life easier, or do you think it’ll be more of a problematic technology?

3 Responses to The Coming Augmented Reality Land Grab

  • 1. I believe that having augmented reality would be a very fun feature for users to have already implemented into their phones. The feature is already being used with snapchat’s capabilities so Apple is probably looking for users to use iMessaging more with regards to pictures.

    2. I think that the technology itself could result in people being less productive due to so many technologies being integrated into their apple devices. Also, some users may find difficulty using it or don’t care for AR itself. It is interesting to see whether the whole market segment would like AR as a whole on their devices.

  • 2.) I feel that AR will both make day-to-day life easier and make life more problematic. I feel that AR will not be anywhere near as accurate as it will need to be to be relied on by its users and that it will cause more issues than it is actually worth. I feel that if implemented properly and if programmed properly, AR could in fact change the world as we know it, but in its early stages I see it being extremely inconvenient.

  • augmented reality features are really convenient to people that are looking a quick glance. Things are directed to their preferences and right in front of their technology. I believe it will make life easier for me personally, I will be able to identify things by just scanning through reality items right in front of me.

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