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The Future Careers in Big Data

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In today’s world Big Data does not help describe the sheer amount of data that is collected every day within the world. In the future this will only grow as we continue to increase the amount of technology that is integrated into out daily lives. Currently we are increasing the amount of wearable technology, but in the future we are on track to be inserting technology into our bodies. With the increasing incorporation of technology Big Data careers will be continuing to be on the rise. The top three big data careers in the future according to this article are Big Data Architect, which is a career that is focused to create the new upcoming AI or the next data collection technology. The next career listed is Data Scientist this job is part statistician and part software engineer. Their role is to create the predictive technology to interact with users and draw out data from them that is helpful to organizations. The last career listed is Big Data Managers their role is organizing the data being produced, ensuring quality, implementing strategy, and then reporting back to leadership.


Would any of these positions fit for what we might do in the future?

Do you agree that these are the jobs of the future or will it be something else?

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