MIS4596-Tony Messina-Sec 002-Spring 2017

Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things


Wearable devices are a hot topic and at the center of discussion related to the Internet of Things (IoT), as illustrated by the new $5,000 “Make it Wearable” challenge recently issued by Intel. Some of the first evolution of the functionality that wearable devices are already delivered are related to identification and security. Maybe you don’t consider the badge you wear at work a wearable device. Health- and fitness-oriented wearable devices that offer biometric measurements such as heart rate, perspiration levels, and even complex measurements like oxygen levels in the bloodstream are also becoming available. Other function such as ingratiating wearable device with your smart-home, being able to read other people health conditions.No matter what direction wearable devices evolve over the next few years, it seems that they will need to be a more integrated element in the IoT in order to provide the wide range of features we’re all expecting.

What other break through opportunity do you see coming from wearable devices?

What issues do you see in there wearable devices?


One Response to Wearable Devices and the Internet of Things

  • I believe it would expand into other attractions. Customer will be able to access to different attractions such as theaters, amusement park without even waiting in line to get checked in.

    I believe that with wearable devices, theres are big chance of security issues due to how sensitive it is to movements. With our health information based on how many steps we take, how often we run, or heartbeats. With our personal data at stake while people can come up with ideas to strip information from wearable device.

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