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Steve Jobs Presentation Skills

In class we watched the following you tube posted analysis of Steve Jobs presentation skills.  The analysis focused on the introduction of the I-phone.  A link to the I-phone presentation is also attached.  Please take a few moments to review and express your reaction by making your first class comment.   Instructions are under Course Structure / Participation.


21 Responses to Steve Jobs Presentation Skills

  • I can definitely see how effective these strategies are in creating a presentation. The smallest changes to your presentation can make the biggest difference in how it’s received.

  • Steve’s presentation methods are extremely effective, and make you wonder if Apple would of had as much success without his ability to present and sell these ideas and products to people. His style streamlined the presentation and made it feel genuine and connected to his audience with his stunning stories and simple stats. Learning from great business figures such as Steve will help us throughout our business careers.

  • Steve Jobs is a genius. However he gave the impression that he is surprised by how wonderful is Iphone. Showing that he is amazed and impressed by the “magic” device made the audience form the same impression. His presentation style is definitely a good lesson to any professional looking to get better at presenting and getting ideas across efficiently.

  • Steve Jobs presentation style made me reflect on how I present. There were a lot of skills that I never thought of doing and now watching it, I will incorporate it into my presentations. More specifically, one tip that was mentioned was to use one picture or two because pictures speak a thousand words. Usually when I create a presentation I feel the need to put multiple pictures, but now I will use one or two pictures to convey my message.

  • Steve Jobs presentation methods are definitely something to follow when looking to make your own presentation. He does a great job of keeping the audience engaged throughout the whole presentation. Also, before introducing the iPhone, he did an amazing job of building up the audiences eagerness to want to see the product.

  • In order to give a great presentation to your audience, you want to give just as many pieces of information as needed to avoid misleadings, yet make them clearly get the gist of the presentation. Steve Jobs showed us how can we do it in his own way; brief, intriguing, detailed, hence efficient. However, knowing his great skills and techniques for presentation doesn’t mean we have to confine ourselves within it since the goal is spreading our ideas to our audience. Therefore, as long as we can achieve our goal, our presentation can be regarded as successful.

  • Steve Jobs had a remarkable ability to engage an audience with effective presentations. Tactics such as a tight theme, stunning stories, simple statistics, incredible images, large smiles, and others discussed in the video create a presentation that the audience pays attention to and remembers. Steve keeps you engaged by using short text and summarizing sections and points, which makes each part of the presentation exciting. Although, unveiling new technological devices could be deemed inherently exciting by certain people. This makes me wonder how effective Steve’s presentation style would be if it were used for a different topic or type of presentation. For example, I do not think this presentation style would be effective for a technical presentation that requires the communication of minute details.

  • Steve Jobs is a classic example of why presentation and delivery is such a crucial part of making it in both the tech, and business world. He manages to make the IPhone seem like more than just a high-tech gadget, but instead as something almost magic. Definitely a solid presentation style that certainly led to the success that apple saw in their domination of the cell-phone market.

  • Apple’s Keynote presentations are always intriguing. Steve Jobs was able to showcase the products in a simplistic way for the audience to comprehend. He would use the same font, color, background, and would always wear his famous mock turtleneck and jeans during each event. I think one of the most interesting parts of his presentation style was that he refused to use bullet points and would often display slides with only pictures. It has been interesting to see how Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, has used some of Steve Jobs’ presentation skills and created his own techniques as well.

  • Steve Jobs’ presentation strategy is often reflective of Apple’s marketing strategy: simple, to the point, and easy to understand. I think it’s really interesting to note how basic his visuals are. So often in class and work settings, people work hard to over-complicate their visual presentation, which can take away from what they are actually saying. The short text, relevant graphics, and basic font colors and sizes make me reflect on my own presentations and how I could make them better and easier to digest. Jobs’ presentation simplicity and bright smile made people more interested in Apple products and less intimidated by new, complex technology.

  • Steve Jobs’ presentations and Apple’s overall marketing strategy share many of the same features in that they are both simple, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to follow. His presentations make the most out of what is put on each slide, which is usually only one or two images and a few short bullets of text. In his case, less is always more. Had he used more text or images, it could have been harder for audiences to follow and may not have evoked as good of a reaction. These are definitely good measures to follow when making a presentation.

  • Steve Jobs does a great job presenting by keeping his audience amazed. The audience gives him their complete attention because the main points Jobs is saying wows them. His presentations are simple and easy to follow, they’re excellent examples for how a good presentation should be conducted. The audience listens to the presenter, and they understand what the presenter is trying to portray to the audience. His presentation skills allow him to effectively communicate with the audience and makes it easier for him to get his ideas across.

  • Many may argue that a large factor in Apple’s success was due to Steve Jobs’ presentation skills. He was able to engage the audience with the use of story-like descriptions, limited information, simplification and few images. Jobs’ demonstrated that keeping his presentations simple while also being engaged himself, resulted in the audience having a positive reaction. If he took a more complex approach, he might not have had the same reaction from the audience.

  • Apple has tried to maintain the tradition set by Steve Jobs to present sophisticated technology in a simple way that absolutely demanded attention. However, Jobs’ was one in a million, possessing the special mixture of wisdom and charisma that ultimately sold billions of units worldwide, making Apple one of the wealthiest companies in the world. Steve accomplished this by dazzling audiences with his world-class presentation skills.

  • I do not believe it is best to emulate Steve Jobs’ style. He is shooting fish in a barrel. The audience is hanging on every word he says, because they worship him and his vision. If any of us were to present in this epic fashion, we would be reprimanded for wasting time.

    There are some worthwhile takeaways from this video. Speak slowly, clearly and confidently. Display a genuine enthusiasm for the selected topic of conversation. Utilize clean slides with few words and simple graphics.

    As MIS students, the audiences for our presentations will likely be management or clients, rather than adoring fans. We should present accordingly.

  • Steve Job’s iPhone presentation was fascinating to watch. Throughout the entire presentation, he kept the audience engaged, entertained and on their heels wondering what is next. He is able to accomplish this through the use of incredible images, simple stats, tiny text, and his super smile. These methods are tremendously effect when used, grabbing the audiences attention and making it memorable. For example, to me the most compelling part was when he showed the images of four different types of phones with plastic keyboards, and then reveals the revolutionary technology the iPhone uses in the short and concise manner while being entertaining. Steve Job’s style of presentation and the methods used is effective and is something we should all try to learn and incorporate in our presentations.

  • Steve Jobs has revolutionized the way we look at technological devices in today’s world. Not only have his ideas come to life, but the way Jobs introduced and presented these ideas to the public has made everyone love them even more. The ability to capture the audiences attention and excite them with his ability to show the bigger picture in the most simplest way. When one thinks of Apple , Jobs presentations certainly comes to mind as he told his stories so passionately.

  • Steve Jobs comes across as a pure salesman. I’d say he is one of the most prepared and well versed CEOs that I have ever listened to. He keeps everything simple yet well thought out. He looks natural and relaxed the entire time. He doesn’t go into a deep technical dive in his presentations and yet leaves enough detail to explain why his products, Apple products, are superior to everything else the market has to offer. He keeps the mood light and professional and I always walk away with the idea that there was really nothing left on the table.

  • I’m a big fan of Steve Jobs’ presentation skills. He finds a way to take incredibly complex pieces of technology and conveys the key points of it in a way that’s easily absorbable to everyone. Most importantly, he takes a storytelling approach when it comes to his keynotes. He starts with the problem, introduces his solution, and ties it all together in a way that’s fluid and attention-grabbing. Simple visuals, minimal text, and a concrete understanding of his own products and solutions are the keys to his success as a presenter.

  • Unlike other presenters wearing suits in public, Steve Jobs always wears a simple shirt and jeans which make people feel relax. Also his presentation makes people easy to understand with a lot of simple words and a conversational form. With the smile full of confidence, Steve makes the whole progress well-controlled. People say Steve wearing simply is because of building unique image, but I say it’s because he is full of confidence about what he’s going to present and his products.

  • Steve Jobs’ presentation is very impressive. He made the presentation like a journal to lead the audience to discover the new technology step by step. He also showed his humor to avoid baldness of introducing a new technology, which is more attractive. He also gave audience a hint during the presentation. I noticed other than talking slowly for this kind of big size audience, he always paused before speaking important contents. For the slides, he made it simple, directly to the point, and entertaining. Mainly used images to express the main idea to give a memorable visual art.

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