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DevOps, a changing approach to enterprise IT

The IT world is filled with a variety of work structure methodologies. Terms like Agile and Waterfall make up just two of a number of ways to approaching the software development and IT life cycle. A new methodology named ‘DevOps’ has gained a lot of steam in the last five years and has really turned the industry upside down. The key differences between other IT methodologies and DevOps is the removal of barriers between development teams and operations teams, involving everyone to some degree in all parts of the IT life cycle. Some of the most important take-aways from DevOps are

  1. A more decentralized approach to project planning to incorporate more ideas and oversight in the development process.
  2. The idea of continuous deployment. Being able to update applications and launch new changes with 0 downtime in regards to the end-user experience. IE: No maintenance time..
  3. DevOps has evolved with cloud infrastructure explicitly in mind and is focused on helping organizations scale painlessly.

DevOps is growing as an enterprise IT methodology and will probably become more and more present in our lives as we get more involved in our workplaces, do you think decentralization is a good trend? How important do you think it is to remove silo’s between development and operations teams?

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2 Responses to DevOps, a changing approach to enterprise IT

  • I believe it is essential to remove silos between development and operations teams because everyone should work together to share ideas. I believe that silos are inefficient because it puts a barrier up which can cause miscommunication. I work at Independence Blue Cross PMO and they have been transitioning from Waterfall to Agile methodologies. We had multiple learning session about Agile, using activities with Legos. They had two teams with requirements to build a tower and one team followed the Waterfall methodology while the other followed Agile. It was a great learning experience for me and if DevOps removes more barriers, it can solve many inefficiencies. However, DevOps methodology does not work every project just like Agile does not work with every project.

  • This is a great article and post, thank for sharing Kellen. I’d be interested to get your specific perspective since you work at the federal reserve so you probably deal with legacy systems and a lot of in house dev ops.

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