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Presentation Killers

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When giving a presentation, there are certain things that should be avoided. These things are what I call the “Presentation Killers.” The “Presentation Killers” I would try to avoid the most when presenting are:

  1. Reading from slides – The audience can read the slides on their own so explain the slides instead.
  2. Not being knowledgeable of the subject matter – If you are presenting something, you should be knowledgeable of the subject. When you don’t have knowledge on the subject, it leads to the 1st killer (Reading from slides).
  3. Not being prepared for questions – During a presentation, you are almost always going to be asked questions. If you seem unprepared for the questions, it can kill a good presentation.
  4. Not making eye contact – Making eye contact with the audience is very important during a presentation because if you are not making eye contact then you are most likely looking somewhere that you shouldn’t be. This can make it look like you are uncomfortable presenting.

These are the things that I try to avoid most when presenting. Most of them can be avoided simply by preparing ahead of time for the presentation and studying the subject matter.

Are there any “Presentation Killers” that I did not include that should be included? Or do you have any thoughts on the ones I included above? Feel free to comment.

4 Responses to Presentation Killers

  • I think another key behavior to be aware of as a presenter is to be mindful of your body language. If a presenter starts fidgeting or has poor body language it can be a distraction to the audience and take away from the presentation.

  • Sometimes it is hard to make eye contact with the entire room because a lot of the time I look just at the teacher. I have to remind myself to look around the room.

    Another presentation killer is when there are crowded slide and it is not clear what the point is. Presentation needs is a clear and have a consistent theme. If you don’t know it, the audience won’t either and everyone will be confused.

  • I definitely agree with Scott when it comes to a presenter’s body language. In my Business Communications class, there were many instances where a presenter would “speak” with their hands or walk around far too often. It’s incredibly distracting to the audience and the presenter usually has no idea they’re even doing it. It’s certainly something to keep in mind when giving a presentation.

  • I think that another important thing to remember when presenting is the pace of your speaking. I know that sometimes I speak at a pace that is just a little too quick for someone who is listening to your topic for the very first time.

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