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Virtual Reality Fading For Developers While AR Holds Steady

Virtual reality is continuously battling against augmented reality. The complexity of creating VR games has caused the overall amount of game releases to decline. In comparison, AR game releases are remaining steady. VR is the only medium that ensures that users will be fully immersed in what they play. It’s literally impossible to look away or do other activities. The biggest weakness of the VR headset is also its immersion because it separates the user from the real world completely. AR games are used to incorporate and enhance the world around you, but lack in its execution.

Top 8 VR and AR headsets

  1. 33% — HTC Vive
  2. 26% — Oculus Rift
  3. 20% — Sony PlayStation
  4. 18% — Microsoft HoloLens
  5. 11% — Samsung Gear VR
  6. 10% — Magic Leap
  7. 9% — Google Daydream
  8. 5% — Google Cardboard

Do you agree with this? Should we branch gaming into VR and AR headsets or will this be another short-term trend?

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One Response to Virtual Reality Fading For Developers While AR Holds Steady

  • I believe that the future of gaming is Virtual reality. Even people like me who are not really into gaming, would definitely enjoy a great VR experience that makes the player fully immersed in the game. It’s not about the game by itself anymore, it became about a brand new experience inclusive of everybody not just gamers. With that being said, Augmented reality would not offer the same user experience, but if it’s significantly cheaper, I could see people sacrificing an authentic VR experience for a cheaper similar one. overall, I don’t see this trend fading out, but instead continuing to be incorporated into more than just gaming.

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