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Legacy IT Systems Moernization

Legacy IT is always defined as unnecessary complexity and cost, which hinder productivity, innovation and increase IT budget to maintain them. Modernization becomes the key to success. Modernizing means moving everything to the cloud, and moving application portfolio to software-as-a-service offerings will be the next phase.

Cotti-Osmanski, who works at a company providing contract resource services to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology industries. She takes a strategic approach to value a modernization project to the company. “She considers dollars when thinking about the ROI of replacing legacy. And she weighs compliance, data integration, and security factors as well as whether a modern replacement will better support innovation”. Considering the hardware underneath it and pushing the major data center to the cloud are also crucial. Replacing legacy systems can be very expensive, the best solution should create the best value for a company.

So what do you think about the key considerations to modernization? Can legacy IT systems be re-used?

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2 Responses to Legacy IT Systems Moernization

  • It should be modernized. Cost of maintenance, complexity, production hinderance are not the only demerits of legacy systems, but also its inability to be scalable, shareable and the security shortcomings.

    Legacy software focuses more on its functionality to keep it in-house with security flaws. Modern software is built on the cloud to work seamlessly with any devices with security measures carefully planned from the start.

  • It depends, given the huge capital requirement. For small companies, their top goal is to expand their business which does not allow them to invest such amount of money to buy this service. However, big companies, which can afford such investment, may be the most obvious beneficiary. Their sufficient funds will allow them to do things that will not give returns right away.

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